Sep 20, 2009

# 208

gatcha festival 1
Have you been to Gatcha gatcha Festival at Cioccolata sim? There are many cute things you can get for low prices, here are some of the items I got: flower brooche from Pididdle, mocha cardigan from C'est la Vie, gray tunic from Ohmai, black necklace from U&R Dogs, hair with hat from H*S Betty, socks from Sen2, blue&pink tank from Oyakin, purse from Katat0nic, flower necklace from Tomoto, red bangle from Mocha.

~Other items~
Hair: In Esse
Shoes: J's and Pididdle (60L limited edition canvas shoes!)
Pants: Dutch Touch
Skirt: W&D
Shorts: Oyakin

Dresses, leggings, shorts and skirt from Oyakin. The skirt is a group gift and the other items are free at the store!

~Other items~
Hair: In Esse
Shoes: J's, Pididdle
Jacket: EnSvale
Tank: Oyakin

pididdle tank
Tank from Pididdle, 0L!

~Other items~
Hair w/ hood: Kookie
Boots: J's
Skirt: Milk Motion
Leggings: Gigi Couture
Gloves: Pididdle

ks at peppermint blue
2 outfits from Kuri Style are free at Peppermint Blue FashionBar, for their 2nd anniversary! Yay, congratulations Alice!

~Other items~
Hair: In Esse
Shoes: J's

elate - crazy
Black dress and green outfit from Crazy, 0L. Dress from Elate, subscribo gift. There are other colors of this dress at the Cioccolata Gatcha Festival for 25L (I think.. hehe).

~Other items~
Hair: In Esse, Miel, Tiny Bird (50L friday item!)
Shoes: J's, Periquita
Ring: Epoque (50L friday item)

ys&ys gg 1
Belt and skin on the right from YS&YS, 1L for group members!

~Other items~
Hair: Miel
Bag and shoes: YS&YS
Dress: This is a Fawn (50L friday item)

ordinary - kalnins half shutters
Boots from Ordinary, 0L. Half shutters from Kalnins, 50L for limited time. It's all color changeable, with many options.

~Other items~
Top, hoodie, skirt: Miel
Socks: Noju
Hair: Lamb, Miel, Mirone