May 4, 2009


baby monkeys gg
Flat shoes and tote from Baby Monkeys, group gift in store.

baby monkeys 2000 members gifl
Boots and bag also from Baby Monkeys, celebrating 2000 members. Get it in store with your group tag activated. Comes also with the baby beach shoes and bamboo bag sown below.

baby monkeys 2000 members gift 2

mk fashions db
Bella Sneaks from MK Fashion, 1L. I also bought some awesome wedges sneakers, maroon with color change laces and sole, for only 90L.

cal gal may gg
Dress by Callie Cline, May group gift in store.


Anonymous said...

Could you tell me where the overalls in the first (Baby Monkeys) image are from? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I would be nice if the author showed proper credits for each entry. Or we wouldn't have to ask.

Anonymous said...

or the grey ones they r fantastic *squeels* ty gabi :D

Anonymous said...

The grey ones look like Cubic Effect.

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Anom #1, that salopette is from Anuenue, sold at Glitter Hair for the anniversary. :) Yw!
Anom #2, 'the author' don't show proper 'credits' because if I start doing that I'll blog once a week. No time for that, I'm sorry. And I ALWAYS answer everyone who asks, so I guess there's no problem about that. And just to remember, my intention with this blog is to help ppl find good freebies and cheapies. It happens sometimes that a designer sends me not free items, and I will show them and credit them because I like to. But posting every single piece I buy is just impossible.
Anom #3, I'm not sure what u mean lol, seems like your question is missing a part hehe if u ask about the gray pants, they are from Cubbic Effect.

Anonymous said...

You fail to see the problem. We should not have to ask. You are a fashion blogger. Part of the job is to credit the clothes that you are wearing.

What you claim is impossible is done by other fashion bloggers (freebie and non freebie) every day. Even if it is not a freebie they say it is not free but still say where it is from.

So don't make excuses for being lazy and doing a half assed job of fashion blogging.

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

I really think I shouldn't even bother to answer you, anonymous, but I just can't.
So, here it goes:
I love and read many other blogs about freebies and about fashion, and I do respect their work. If they blog and 'credit' every single item, it's their choice. I, unlike you, don't think it's a job, it's just a hobby for me. I have a RL job and, wow, a RL itself! I suggest you should try, it's nice.
If YOU are lazy to ask where I bought something you see on MY blog I'm sorry for you. I've been blogging for some months now and it's really great the response I get from most of the readers. This blog gets around 1,000 hits a day and it makes me proud because I do it by myself (sometimes with the help of some nice friends, readers and designers who tell me where to get some freebies and even send me some. Thank you, girls :D).
I am the ONLY one who can say what is impossible or not for me, since I'm the only one involved. There's nothing that is 'part of my job' here. My hobby, (what I love to do and I do without any obligation) is show you freebies and cheap items and that's what I do. It's everyone's choice to read it or not.
I'm sorry if you are lazy to ask, I'm sorry if you see a problem here (I don't) and I'm sorry there are people like you, who don't even bother to identify yourself, that come to the blogs just to criticize negatively. I'm glad it's the first time I have this kind of 'problem' here, like ppl coming to insult, I've already seen this happening on other blogs, and I really hope it's the first and the last time. If I had to deal with it all the time, I would give up blogging for sure. You tag me as fashion blogger, thank you very much, but I tag myself just as a freebie blogger.
All said, have a nice one.

PS: I'm sorry everyone else for the drama and if I sound rude. Back to freebies. hehe

Suri Christen said...

I have to agree with Gabi there, can I just point out this is GABI'S blog, so what she writes is of her choosing.Anon,obviously you don't realise that you can just flip over and read something else if you feel this isn't informative enough! Is Gabi forcing your head down the toilet to get you to read this? I don't think so, so you can take your comments elsewhere. Talk about lazy, I think you are the lazy one! Perhaps you're one of those brats who just come here, pick up LMs and TP to places, get your freebies and go. You propably won't even bother looking what's inside the stores, never mind remember where things are from. So before you start whining, think about how much time it takes to compile a post together.

1. Go to get the things
2. Get your style together and take snapshots
3. Edit your pictures
4. Upload
5. Write a post
6. Publish

OOH, wait, there you are! With your unconstructive comments. Until you show us you can do this DAY IN, DAY OUT, we'll just dismiss you as the "ones that clog up/disrupts our community".

Gabi appreciates your comments, but she does not need you to tell her how to run her blog.

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

<3 <3 <3 baby

Anonymous said...

I will agree with you it is her blog. She has every right not to give credit for half the clothes and accessories she is wearing.

My comments were constructive. When I blog I credit every single piece of clothing and accessory I am wearing. It takes 5 minutes or less to type out the credits. You are right I can't blog several times a day every day. It takes a couple of hours for me to put together a blog entry or more if I can't decide on the right combos. I have a full time job so I blog when I can do justice to the outfits I'm wearing and give credit where credit is due. I don't do a half assed job and then claim not having time.

I guess it never occurred to either one of you that Gabi was getting constructive criticism from a fellow blogger.

I also guess it never occurred to you that the designers who's outfits she's wearing deserve credit for their work regardless of whether its free or not.

Its blogs like this that feed into "those brats who just come here, pick up LMs and TP to places, get your freebies and go. You propably won't even bother looking what's inside the stores, never mind remember where things are from." as Suri so eloquently put it.

Hard to spend lindens if you don't know where half the outfit is from.

Suri Christen said...

Oh so which is your blog then? I would love to have a look! If you are, in fact, a fellow blogger, then maybe you really should look at this from Gabi's view,would u have them critisize your blog that way, I don't think so. if you understand it is hard to do it, as it were then you would have at least left your identity when writing those comments,I am still sceptical about you being a blogger yourself, none of your previous replies even remotely hint you are one. If you are then obviously you are not very good, having to open up a this blog who does a "half arsed job" and ask where so and so if from. Yes, I agree, designers deserve to have their work credited, but seriously,Gabi's blog is Gabi's business, unless she's threatening you with your life to read it, I don't really see why you are sticking your nose in it.

Oh, seriously, let me see your blog, and maybe we can decide how constructive your work is!

It's easier to critisize than praise, my dear. So, if you really are a fellow blogger like you said you are, please consider your fellow blogger's feelings next time you leave a nasty message.

P.S. Will you leave your name and your blog link already, fellow blogger?

Beulah said...

keep up the good work Gabi - yuo get better and better with every post you do - dont bother about peopel that haven't event eh guts to leave a name - shows how stupid they are really

to the mystry poster - IF you are a blogger,the I would love you to leave your name so I can read you blog to - maybe I already do but dont know that as you wont leave a name

soem blogs i like others i dont - the ones i like i read the others i dont bother with - not even to leave a rude nasty comment !

Beulah said...

oops - got a sick puppy on my knee so sorry for typos

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

I just don't understand all these blah blah blah about crediting MY clothes. I buy what I want and what I like, I spend thousands and thousands and more thousands of lindens in SL every month. I don't think I have any obligation to tell where I bought something unless someone asks me. Where is the rule that say when you buy an item you have to tell where you got it? I never said the designers don't deserve to have their work credited. Of course they do, there are many fashion blogs crediting them. The biggest credit a costumer could give is buying. And then buying again, and again. I do that. It shows how much I apreciate their work. It's like I spend 1K lindens on a pair of shoes or on an outfit I love and I also have to give it free advertise? Just because I have a blog? I don't mind doing it at all, but it's NOT SOMETHING I MUST DO. When I do, I do because I want to. It would be funny If I had to make my pics wearing only the freebies I'm going to blog, I'd have to upload nudity and my blog would be tagged.

In RL when I upload a picture of me and my family to my online scrapbook or photo album I never tell anyone what I am wearing. So I just don't get it.

Once again, when a designer sends me clothes, shoes or whatever, I credit it. Sometimes it was a gift to me as a blogger just because of me having already blogged their stores. So I show my apreciation, I blog it too even if it's not free. I'm making a freebie blog, I never did anything like "Hi girls, you see this wonderful hair??? It's free, but hey, don't be lazy and find where it's from by yourselves".

It takes me a lot more than 5 minutes to write where I bought every item, go to my inventory, find the landmarks, open map (sometimes SL really doesn't want me to do it), copy slurl to clipboard, paste it at blogspot, etc. If it's 5 minutes to you, great for you and your readers. Oh hey, you have a blog! How come we don't know who you are? If you think what you are doing is constructive, you should tell us your url. Maybe your blog isn't that constructive either. The funniest thing is that you keep coming here.

I get messages, notecard and IM's from many nice and well educated girls asking me about the clothes I wear, shoes, hair and etc. I also get some messages like "I can't find that store you blogged about that free skirt. The landmark takes me to the entrance of the mall, Where the f&#@*& is the store?" without any 'please's or 'thank you's. Do you think I get mad and answer the same non educated way? No, I go find the store, tp the person there and go away, back to what I was doing. Just because I think respect is what's missing in this world. I do know what respect means, talking about our subject I respect every creative designer that spend time and money making their creations. I do think they are artists. I wish I could make art like that. People need to respect each other, their faith and religion, their culture, their color, their choices and likes.

If I'm not stealing anything from anyone, I'm not copying anyone's designs, I'm not breaking any SL rules, I'm not refusing to tell where I bought my things, what is your point here? Who the hell do you think you are to tell me I'm lazy and say my "job" is half assed? For me you are just a person who likes to denigrate other's effort. You have no right to tell me how I should run my blog. It's because "fellow bloggers" like you I've seen other bloggers giving up blogging.

Please, tell me what blog you write so if I have the habit to read it I'll just quit.

===> Ty Suri and Beulah!!!! <3 :)

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Ouch, that was huge.

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

I wonder if you go inside stores and tell their owners they should credit what they're wearing on their ads. I've seen some doing it, but most of them don't. Give it a try.

Suri Christen said...

~At least you shut that annoying person up. Thank heavens!

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Yeah! Let's see for how long hehe :D