Nov 22, 2009

# 245

I just finish my ride to the Shoe Fair, and as expected it's amazing! Many beautiful shoes and the sim is very cute. I'm posting the shoes I bought so far... Of course I'll end up going back and buying some more lol
Remember the Fair is raising funds in support of Toys for Tots. Some stores have exclusive items for donation, some are donating a percentual of all sale, and there are the donating kiosks around the fair. Enjoy!

shoe fair 8

shoe fair 7

shoe fair 6

shoe fair 5

shoe fair 4

shoe fair 3

shoe fair 2

shoe fair 1

PS: I must admit the fair is a bit less laggy that I expected. But it will be a lot better if people help lowering their prims. I've seen girls with more than 5K of arc! Come on, girls, let's try to make this more pleasant for everyone! \o/
PS: Poses used in this post are from [LAP], shoe fair pack.