Apr 11, 2010

# 268

You probably heard about the Beautiful Bloom Designers Event. Some designers are selling exclusive Spring-themed items at each of their stores, until April 23rd. There are some fun stuff, I'm glad to show you some.

beautiful bloom
Hair from Wot?, tank from Twosome, flowers and steplader from Olive Juice. All from Beautiful Bloom Event.

 ~Other items~
Shorts: Maitreya
Shoes: Kookie, FLF
Earrings: Glow, @ The Dressing Room
Skin: Curio

beautiful bloom - olive juice 1
Paper Blossoms pose room from Olive Juice, lightbulb and stepladder included. The stepladder comes with many poses, and there's also a separate version you can rezz and have someone else posing with you. :D Hair from Wot?, top from Twosome.

~Other items~
Shoes: Niniko (Gacha item, 40L)
Shorts: Maitreya

beautiful bloom - awesome blossom 2
Lazy Daze Picnic table from Awesome Blossom. It comes with 8 fun animations and accessories. It's been a cool adition to my new home! Hair from Wot?, top from Twosome.

~Other items~
Shoes: Niniko, Gacha item, 40L
Shorts: Maitreya
Earrings: Glow @ The Dressing Room
Rings and nails: MStyle

beautiful bloom - awesome blossom 1
More of the picnic table from Awesome Blossom. Tattoo from Flowey, for Beautiful Bloom.

beautiful bloom - olive juice 2 and nut
The bait shop & dock from Molto Bene. This is a pretty nice building and the dock is awesome. I'm having a huge problem with rezzing some prims so I couldn't show the dock :( Dresses from NUT, poses and flowers from Olive Juice. Just wear the flower and the pose is built in, but you also get the poses themselves so you can pose with the flowers or any other objects you want. :P
~Other items~
Hair: Wot? for Beautiful Bloom
Tattoo: Flowey, for Beautiful Bloom
Shoes: Kookie, FLF

beautiful bloom - olive juice 3 - nut - molto bene
More poses from Olive Juice In the Bloom pose set. The set comes with 7 poses and flowers!

~Other items~
Hair: Wot? for Beautiful Bloom
Dresses: NUT for Beautiful Bloom
Top: Twosome for Beautiful Bloom
Tattoo: Flowey for Beautiful Bloom
Bait shop: Molto Bene for Beautiful Bloom
 Shoes: Kookie, FLF

beautiful bloom - wot?
Hair 029 and flowers on a skirt from Wot?, Beautiful Bloom exclusive items. Inamorata tattoo from Flowey for Beautiful Bloom. Floral Top on the right from Twosome.

~Other items~
Top on the left: Surf Co.
Shoes: Kookie
Earrings: Glow
Poses: Flowey (pose fair)

beautiful bloom - nut - split pea - flowey
Bloom dress in light green, pink and light orange. From NUT, Beautiful Bloom Exclusive. Blooming Hats with Flower from Split Pea, also for Beautiful Bloom Event.

~Other items~
Hair: Lamb, Lamb, Fri.day
Shoes: Lelutka, J's
Earrings: Glow
Nails and rings: MStyle
Poses: Olive Juice and Iris M. for This is a Fawn (pose fair)

beautiful bloom - frosting ink - twosome
The cute floral tops from Twosome, and cool Bounty of Sring tophat from Frosting Ink, tattoo from Flowey, Blooming glasses from Split Pea, 1L! All for Beautiful Bloom Event!

~Other items~
Hair: Fri.day, Lamb
Shoes: J's, 50 flats
Skirt: Fishy Strawberry
Shorts: Oyakin
Earrings: Glow @ The Dressing Room
Poses: Iris M. for This is a Fawn (pose fair)


Clementine said...

The picnic table looks so cute in your yard. Thank you for the blog! :D

Bella Baroque said...

Great job packin' all the goodies in there Gabi! I think I kinda forgot to put in the notecard that there are TWO pose menus, one in the ladder and one in the room itself, so you have even more to enjoy, YAY! TY so much for blogging all the wonderful designers :D

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Clementine, yeah, it really does! :D Ty!

Bella, oh I'm going to try them out right now :)) Tyvm!!