Oct 18, 2010

# 333

It has been a little hard for me to blog lately.. My ISP was going down all the time, and when it was working, it was way too slow. So I got a new company for that and now it's super fast, but not too stable lol I'm hoping it will get fixed when the guy finishes the installation how it should be.
Yesterday I took some pics and when I opened them on the program I usually use to crop and stuff, it started crashing all the time :( I had to install an old PS version, but I can't use it very well. Need to learn all over again! Ok, so now you know why I haven't blog that much lately. :/

ricielli gg - concrete flowers bat jewelry set
Coat from R.icielli, new group gift in store. You should go check the new releases, there are some awesome goodies, I'm going to blog other ones later. The eyeshadows, ring, earrings and necklace are from Concrete Flowers, new for the Autumn and Halloween Bazaar.

~Other items~
Hair: Shag (Stumblebum item)
Pants, coat and shirt: R.icielli (new)
Shoes: G Field (new)
Nails: Urbanity (TDR Blue)
Skin: Mynerva
Eyes: Burroughs (new Tribute do Claude Monet collection)
Poses: R.icielli (new)
monday mania sacred roses and m2m - ricielli releases
Jacket from M2M, Monday Mania item, 35L (for the guys, but does look good on girls too). Collar from Sacred Roses, also for Monday Mania, it is scripted to change color and texture and also for your submissive needs :D

~Other items~
Hair: Tiny Bird, Truth
Shoes: G Field, Kookie
Pants and shorts: R.icielli (new)
Jacket and tank: R.icielli (new)
Inner laced top: Kyoot
Ring and earrings: Concrete Flowers
Skin and eyes: Same as above
Poses: R.icielli (new)

butterfly effectz monday mania
Complete "Bingo" outfit with jacket, shoes, leggings and bingo card for mouth from Butterfly Effectz, Monday Mania item, 50L.

~Other items~
Hair: Truth
Earrings: Concrete Flowers
Skin and eyes: Same as above again :D