Nov 22, 2010

# 345

52 weeks of color - week 3 goldenrod
This is my outfit for Week 3 of 52 Weeks of Colors Challenge, by Luna Jubilee. I hope you like it! Picture taken at Ragenboog.
52 weeks of color - week 3 goldenrod 3
Hair: Analog Dog
Skin: Chaisuki (new)
Cardigan: TokiD (new)
Shoes: G Field (new)
Tank and thermal: Jane
Socks: Pig
Scarf: Atelier AM
Shorts: En Svale
Thights: Izumyia
Earrings: YS&YS (TDR)
Bag: Miel (old subscribo gift)
Eye makeup: Glamorize
thimbles closing sale
Skirt, tube top, shirt with vest and neck bow and pants from Thimbles, 25L each. The store is closing for good when they sell the Gaylord sim. Thimbles is one of the stores I always loved, I went to the sale to try to find something I didn't have yet, and I bought some stuff. And yes, almost everything I bought I already had! lol Well, there are many cute things and you should go grab some of them. You won't have another chance after the sim is sold. The sale is amazing, but I'm sad to see Thimbles go :(

~Other items~
Hair: Truth
Skin: Chaisuki (new)
Shoes: G Field (new)
Leggings and jacket: Modd.G
Bag: Tres Blah
Necklace: Mandala
Bangles: Fetch
amd - reek - kosh - fishy - leezu
Left: Sweater from AMD, it was 10L yesterday, I think it would be for 24 hours only, but I'd check anyways; hair bow from Magika, group gift in store. Right: Sweater from Fishy Strawberry and skirt from Leezu, TDR items.

~Other items~
Hair: (fd), Boon (new)
Shoes: Reek (FLF), Hoorenbeek
Earrings and bracelet: KOSH (new)
Leggings: Kosh (new), Thimbles
Nails: Urbanity
Bag: Kookie
White tank: Jane
vive9 - boom
As usual, I'm late on blogging these. The striped top and skirt are from Vive9, it was 75L for Project Themeory. The blue sweater and goldenrod skirt are from Boom, for SBS.

~Other items~
Hair: Aden, Truth
Skin: Chaisuki (new)
Denim shirt: Niniko
Jeans: Dutch Touch
Sneakers: UBU
Earrings: KOSH (new)
Belt: MMGrafitti's (free)
Scarf: Aoharu
Backpack: I can't remember and also can't find it again lol I promise I'll update as soon as I find it!
Leggings: Izumiya
Flats: G Field
Headband: TokiD

g field - m2m monday mania - pink outfiters
Skirt from G Field, it's a new release and the red one is free! On the middles, dress and skirt from M2M, 25L for Monday Mania. Jacket and pants from Pink Outfitters, 50L sale for London's birthday, the sale extended for a while more.

~Other items~
Hair: Dernier Cri, Truth, Shag
Shoes: G Field, Surf Co, N-Core
Thights: Sheer
Shirt: G Field (new)
Red thermal:
Bag: Coco (group gift)
Earrings: Kosh, Glamorize, Kosh
Necklace: Glamorize
Hair flower: G Field
Skin: Curio (new!)
bubblez designs
Outfits from Bubblez Design, the one on the left is 50L (dress with jacket, hat, legwarmers and scarf), and on the right is group gift (pants, suspenders, shirt on hip, tank and cigarrete).

~Other items~
Hair: (fd), Elikatira
Shoes: Anexx, Hoorenbeek
Earrings: Kosh (new)
Bracelet: Skream
Necklace and face piercings: Mandala
Glasses: Tasty (new)

bubblez design 2
More group gifts from Bubblez: all the clothes are included, except the fishnet thights. Includes also the black flat boots and sneakers.

~Other items~
Hair: Eha
Skin: Chaisuki (new)
Glasses: Bubblez (not free)
Black boots on the right: BAX

bubblez design 3
Mongolian outfits from Bubblez, group gifts in store.
Thanks Cass, for telling me about Bubblez and for helping me out! :)