May 14, 2012

# 433

There is a new discount room in SL called The Fashion Cache. Well, this is the 2nd week, but it's new to me... heheh Anyways, the collection will change every saturday so don't forget to go check for the new stuff. Until saturday, here are some of the items available at Fashion Cache.

Fashion Cache - PNP - h.m.a.e.m. - Step Inside - Sparrowtree
Top from h.m.a.e.m., 75L; pose and bag with color changeable letter from SSP, 100L (the pack comes with 5 poses); skin from Step Inside, 99L and earrings from Persefona, 69L for a pack of 4.

~Other items~
Hair: Lamb
Shoes: Boing Fromage
Jeans: Maitreya (special price for group members)

Fashion Cache - PNP
The dressing room prop I used on all pictures as a backgroud is from Prop N Poses, 100L, with 5 poses and color change walls.

Fashion Cache - PNP - Anthropologie - Step Inside - Persefona
Shoes from Anthropologie, 100L; earrings from Persefona, 69L for a pack of 4; skin from Step Inside, 99L.

~Other items~
Hair: Elikatira
Shorts: Holly Pocket
Shirt and bag: Le Primitf (the bag is available at Stuff in Stock)

Fashion Cache gift - PNP - Exclusivy - Persefona - Step Inside
Top from Exclusivy (mesh), 49L; the bags are free this week (3 colors); earrings from Persefona; skin from Step Inside.

~Other items~
Shoes: (fd) (new)
Hair: Wasabi Pills
Pants: Maitreya

Fashion Cache - PNP - 1 Hundred - Step Inside - Fzapp
Headband and earrings from FZaPP, 100 for the set; dress from 1 Hundred, 85L; skin from Step Inside, 99L.

~Other items~
Shoes: G Field
Hair and hairbase: Amacci

Fashion Cache - Vextra - Sexy Bish - Step Inside
Dress from Vextra Fashion, 79L; dress and shoes from Sexy Bish, 99L; earrings from Persefona and skin from Step Inside.

~Other items~
Hair: Truth, Clawtooth
Shoes: G Field

Fashion Cache - Piccara - Zibska -Step Inside
Pants from Piccara, 65L for 2 colors; necklace from Zibska, 75L with color change bow, chain and pandas.

~Other items~
Top: Boom (new)
Bracelet: Je Suis
Shoes: (fd) (new)
Hair: Clawtooth

Fashion Cache - Step Inside - Persefona
The skin from Step Inside is available in 3 tones, 99L each. Each pack comes with 2 makeups, with and without cleavage (4 skins). Earrings from Persefona, 69L for all 4!