Jun 3, 2012

# 440 - Color Blocking Fair Part 2

So, this is part #2 of my Color Blocking Fair coverage, and believe me, there's still more to come... hehe

(Color Blocking Fair) Censored - Wow SkinsTops and pants from Censored; skin from Wow Skins.

~Other items~ 
Hair: Lamb, Wasabi Pills (Zombie Popcorn brand)
Shoes: Duh, 2Real
Belt: Pepper
Necklaces: Pepper, DDL
Bags: S@bbia, HOC
Inner tank: Jane

(Color Blocking Fair) Gloxx Store - Wow Skins - Splash - Illmatic
Top and skirt from Gloxx Store; skin from Wow Skins; socks from Illmatic; nails/ring/bracelet from Splash.

~Other items~
Hair: Wasabi Pills (ZombiePopcorn)
Bag: Voix
Shoes: Gos
Necklace: Aura (new - Stumblebum)

(Color Blocking Fair) Wow Skins - Illmatic - Chloe
Jacket from Chloe; pants, clutch and top from Illmatic; skin from Wow Skins.

~Other items~
Hair: Exile
Shoes: Maitreya (subscribe gift)
Necklace: MG (Fameshed)
Earrings: Magic Nook

(Color Blocking Fair) Wow skins - 1 Hundred - Illmatic - StepInside
Dress from 1 Hundred; socks from Illmatic; skin from Wow Skins; eyeshadows from StepInside.

~Other items~
Hair: Alice Project
Shoes: UBU
Bag: Le Primitif
Earrings: Magic Nook

(Color Blocking Fair) Nous Vous - Tentacio - Mirror's Enigma
Top from Tentacio (free gift); pants from Nous Vous; skin from Mirror's Enigma.

~Other items~
Hair: Exile
Shoes: UBU
Bag: The Secret Store
Earrings: Magic Nook

(Color Blocking Fair) Lethal Couture - Expensive - Splash - Wow - Lush - StepInside
Top from Lethal Couture; glasses and nails/ring/bracelet from Splash; dress from Expensive; skin from Wow Skins; eyeshadows from StepInside; lipstick from Lush.

~Other items~
Hair: Exile, Wasabi Pills
Shoes: SLink, Aleida
Pants: Twins Fashion (new!)
Necklace: Boom

(Color Blocking Fair) Loordes of London - Essencial
Top from Loordes of London; skin from Essencial.

~Other items~
Hair: Clawtooth (50% off sale)
Shoes: A-BOMB
Bag: Fleshtone
Pants: Zaara (50% off sale)
Necklace: Glow Studio (TDR)

(Color Blocking Fair) Mirror's Enigma - Illmatic
Top pants and skin from Mirror's Enigma; clutch from Illmatic; nails/bracelet/ring from Splash.

~Other items~
Hair: Lamb
Shoes: Aleida
Necklace: DECO


Anonymous said...

the information is not accurate. no slurl and it is confusing

Gabi Fitzgerald said...

Hi Anonymous. I'm sorry if it is confusing. The slurl is on the top of the post, the Color Blocking Fair slurl. Under the pics I tell what you can find at the fair. And "~Other items~" are, well... other items not on the fair. I have a page for store slurls, so I don't need to link everything on every post, since I have so many pics and items every time.
I hope I could clear that up.
Thank you.