Aug 9, 2020


 Hi everyone! It's father's day in Brasil (I don't know if it's everywhere lol), I hope you're all having a great day!Happy Father's Day!

Dress and bag from [DDL], 60L each for Happy Weekend. The dress comes with the jacket, which has a HUD to change the color (4 colors) and the bag comes in different positions to attach. The hair is from C'est La Vie and it was a FLF sale. The shoes are from -KC-, for The Saturday Sale (also comes with a customizable HUD).

~Other items~
Necklace and earrings: MG (old items)
Bra: Attitudes Lingerie (store closed)
Lipstick: IDDTY
So classy!!

Top from TETRA, 50L for FLF (4 colors HUD, 2 options). The shorts are from RAMA, also for 75L The Saturday Sale and I hope it's still available today (Sunday), they're lovely and you can customize the belt and the stars. The shoes are from Eudora3D, only 50L and the money goes completely for Medicins Sans Frontieres. Hair from Navy+Copper, 60L for Happy Weekend.

~Other  items~
Necklace, earrings and bracelets: MG (old items)

You can click on my pictures to see them bigger and check how detailed are those shoes!

Shorts from SPIRIT, 60L for Happy Weekend (this one with the roses is part of the fatpack, which I bought because I love it!). Top from TETRA for FLF. Bag from [DDL] for Happy Weekend and shoes from Eudora3D, 50L each pack for Wanderlust Weekend, or 150L the fatpack, which I also bought! :D You can customize everything, and wear them with or whitout socks.

~Other items~
Hair: C'est La vie (same as above)
Accessories: MG (old items)

Have a good week you all!



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