Dec 20, 2009

# 254

le.look aniversary - ricielli gift
On the left: Complete outfit from LE.LOOK, 1st Anniversay gifts for group members! Skin from Lelutka, hair from Maitreya, shoes from BAX, leggings from Source, shorts from Beauty Avatar, sweater from Zaara, earrings from U&R Dogs and necklace from Sigma. There's also a nice shape which I'm not wearing and more gifts to come!
Oh the right: Rose jumpsuit from Ricielli, 0L (only until Christmas!). Ricielli is a new store with very nice clothes, don't miss checking it out and get your gift (on regular vendors). Bracelet and earrings from AlaMood, weekend fever item, 50L.

~Other items~
Hair on the right: Lamb
Shoes: Kalnins

aoharu xmas gg
Aoharu is also giving some awesome Xmas gifts for group members. Knit boots, scarf, shirt dress, sweater and green jacket are their gifts.

~Other items~
Hair:,, Maitreya
Pants: Rahz Store
Sheos: Kalnins

motion gifts
Sweater dress with vest and socks (0L), jumpsuit with armwarmers and top (subscribo gift), and dress with belt (opening gift in front of the store) from Motion.

~Other items~
Hair:,, Maitreya
Shoes: Ordinary, Kalnins (new!)
Earrings and bracelet: AlaMood
Socks: Shiny Things
Leggings: Izumyia, Blowpop

motion gifts 2
More gifts from Motion: sweater, skirt, socks and gloves (0L, under the Xmas outfits), white dress with belt and necklace, and striped top, skirt, socks and gloves from the lucky boards.

~Other items~
Hair: Maitreya,, (new!)
Shoes: Ordinary, Anexx, League
Leggings: Anexx (comes with the boots)
Short socks: Shiny Things

ys&ys gg - shag sg
Shoes from YS&YS, group gift in store. Brown cardigan from Ohmai, 50L at CP Xmas sale. Brown poncho from Honey Soul, gatcha gatcha item also at Creators Pavillion xmas sale (30L). White hair from Shag, subscribo gift. Boots from Hoorenbeek, gift at LE.LOOK (for LE.LOOK group members).

~Other items~
Shirt: Coco,
Pants: Kunglers
Skirt: Niniko

tuli gg
Gorgeous skins from Tuli, group gift in notices. It comes in 8 tones, with brown, black and light eyebrows.

~Other items~
Hair: Lelutka
Accessories: AlaMood (Weekend Fever, 50L)
Top: House of Hucci
Lashes: OH

cupcakes xmas gift
And last but not least, the beautiful skins from Cupcakes, group gift in notices.

~Other items~
Hair: Lelutka
Top: Zaara for LE.LOOK anniversary
Necklace: Sigma for LE.LOOK anniversary
Earrings: U&R Dogs for LE.LOOK anniversary