Dec 23, 2009

# 256

g field xmas gifts
Christmas gifts from G Field, short dress and necklace are 0L in store and the beautiful gown with rose shoes are a subscribo gift.

~Other items~
Hair:, Clawtooth
Shoes: G Field (having a sale on red and white items!)
Hoops: Ticky Tacky

ricielli gg - hoorenbeek gg
Tank and leggings from R.iccieli, group gift in notices. Sneakers from Hoorenbeek, the pack comes with many colors of the great SL Balance sneakers! Awesome!

~Other items~
Hair: Maitreya, Lamb
Sandals: Kalnins
Bag: Tres Blah
Hoops: Ticky Tacky
Cuff and earrings on the right: Shade Throne

mischief xmas gift
Dress, hat, scarf, lingerie, pajamas, all from Mischief, subscribo gifts. There are 6 gifts, the hat and scarf come in a fatpack that match the november gift socks!

~Other items~
Hair: Maitreya
Boots: Surf Co., G Field (sale)
Leggins: Izumyia
Bracelet: YS&YS (group gift)
Trunk: Picnic (Winter Choice 2009 gift)

ys&ys 7th gg - sf design - 50 flats xmas gifts
Belt from YS&YS, 7th xmas group gift in store, neck warmer from Clematis, 0L for 4 colors; shoes from 50 Flats, 0L; hair with hat, scarf and sweater from SF Design, 0L.

~Other items~
Hair: TekuTeku
Shoes: Kookie
Skirt: SMS
Jacket: Zaara
White tee:
Socks: Maitreya
Jeans: The Closet
Hoops: Ticky Tacky

puddles - truth - clematis - courtisane
Orange bag and black pumps from Puddles, 1L each; neck warmers from Clematis, 0L; boots from Courtisane, subscribo gift; red bag from Truth, subscribo gift as well.

~Other items~
Hair:, Truth (new!)
Leggings: Zaara
Jackets: Modd.G, Aoharu (group gift)
Skirts: Kyoot,
Earrings: Ticky Tacky

nwyou - gbberish - malt - xmas gifts
Blue outfit from Not Without You, 0L; blue boots from Gbberish, group gift in store; skirt and top from Malt, subscribo gift.

~Other items~
Socks: WWI
Red boots: Coco (group gift)
Leggings: G Field (sale!)
Hat: Epoque
Earrings: Ticky Tacky