Jul 28, 2010

# 302

artilleri @ car wash garage sale
Top and glasses from Artilleri, bag from Caroline's, 10L each @ the Car Wash Garage sale.

Hair and shorts: Artilleri
Shoes: Maitreya
Socks: Naive
Skin: League
Cigarrete: Gentleman

ingenue and lb hair @ car wash garage sale
Also at the Car Wash sale I bought this skirts, swimsuit and flats from Ingenue, 10L each, and both hairs with hat from LB Hair, 10L for a color pack as well.

Skin: League
Bracelet: Icing
Feet: Addictia

n-core group gift
Shoes from N-Core, group gift in store. Glove socks from Hell Bop, 10L for a color pack @ Car Wash.

Skin: League
Hair: Eha
Dress: Concrete Flowers
Match: Hoorenbeek
Necklace: Mandala

dbt skybox and eChau furniture - kyoot gg
Whimsical Garden Skybox from Dbt, 10L @ Car Wash. The skybox has 2 floors, and is 55 prims, including the stairs. Table, shelf and chairs from eChau, 0L at Koibana Festival. The flower pots on the shelves are from Kyoot, part of the subscribo gift.

kyoot - artilleri - kosh
Drawer set from Kyoot Home, subscribo gift; flower pot from Artilleri, 10L at Car Wash; Pandemonium lamp from Kosh, not free. This is so cool, the bulbs, light, wood are all color change and you can also change the effects of light. Awesome! Thanks Lynaja!

nocc flower and eChau easel
Easel from eChau, 0L. Gerbera pot from nocc., group gift.

dbt skybox @ car wash garage sale
The second floor and the front of the skybox. Mailbox from Beetle Bones, Albero gacha Festival serie 1.

equilibrium - cest la vie - hs hair
Tops 1 and 2, 0L, the jeans #1 and #2 are group gifts in notices (200L to join), jeans #3 is at the Midnight Mania Board, and the belt is on the lucky board, all from Equilibrium. Top #3 from C'est La Vie, group gift. All 3 hairs are from Heart Softens, group gifts.
~Other items~
Skin: League
Shoes: 0N, Duboo (gacha)

equilibrium gifts
Brown jeans on Midnight mania, and the other one is on the lucky board at Equilibrium.

Hair: Dernir Cri (SOLF)
Shoes: Duboo
Socks and cardigan: Pig
Top: Milk Motion
Nekclace: Mandala

eChau fitting room
Free fitting room from eChau.