Aug 9, 2010

# 307

This post is all about tees and skins. :D

arnadi - tuli gg
New group gift from Tuli, this beautiful Audrey skin (tone 2/freckles). The group fee is 250L. T-shirts from Arnadi, not free. Each tee comes with 2 types of cuffs and bottoms (regular and double) and in boys and girls version. I'm wearing Dr. House, Goodbye Kitty and Darth Vader. Some tees are available in different colors.

~Other items~
Hair: Lamb
Shorts: Surf Co
Nails: Pixel Mode
Finger tapes: Linc (free)
Earpiercings: Mandala

arnadi - tuli gg 2
In the same pack for Tuli's group gift, there's Audrey in tone 4, no freckles. Tees also from Arnadi, not free. Wearing: Movies Mess, John Lenon '71 and Clickwork Orange.

~Other items~
Hair: Clawtooth
Jeans: Aoharu

arnadi - drop dead diva sg
Skin from Drop Dead Diva (D3), subscribo gift. Tees from Arnadi, not free: Sonic Youth, Truffle Shuffle.

~Other items~
Hair: D!va (past group gift)
Jeans: Armidi

arnadi - eyetease lb
Skin from EyeTease, lucky board prize. Tees from Arnadi, the Mistery Machine one is free and when you get it when subscribing to the SOM group. Miyagi Rules tee was a freebie, but I couldn't find it anymore :( But it's still cool. I love their tees! (Except maybe the Maradona one... just saying... lol) They're fun and very well done. There is also the Ramones tee at the lucky board for group members. Thanks, Dorian :)

~Other items~
Hair: Eha
Jeans: Armidi


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