Aug 27, 2010

# 313

hyper culture - new thights 2
Hair: Amacci, Maitreya
Hair base: Amacci
Thights: Hyper Culture (new!)
Denim corset and shirt: Coco
Skirt: Nyte'n'day
Jacket: Maitreya
Shoes; Maitreya, Coco
Skin: Tuli, Dutch Touch
Makeup: Kosh (new!)

hyper culture - new thights
Hair: Amacci, Tricot
Shirt, bag and jumper: Emery
Shoes: Maitreya
Thights: Hyper Culture (new!)
Nekclace and earrings: Icon
Jacket: Maitreya
Skin: Tuli, Dutch Touch
Makeup: Kosh (new!)

kosh new makeups 2
New makeups from Kosh. Here you see 5 of the 10 new lipstick semi-transparent colors. I love the tattoo layer! It's like having your skins customized. I'm wearing them with League Taylor skin.

~Other items~
Hair: Dura
Tops: Emery
Necklace: Kosh (new!) You can add your own name to the tag!

kosh new makeups 1
The other 5 lipstick colors, 199L for a 10pack!! Now with Tuli Audrey skin.

kosh new makeups 4
There are also 10 eyeshadows, also 199 for the pack. Tuli skin.

kosh new makeups 3
Kosh new eyeshadows. Remember they're for official Viewer 2, Emerald or other viewers that support tattoo layers. Go to Kosh to get yours. (Worn with League skin).

hyper culture - new cosmic thights
And the new thights from Hyper Culture, 10 options to chose from!

hyper culture - new cosmic thights 2
110L each color. Great for some mix&match! @ Hyper Culture.

Thanks Lynaja and Christensia!! :D