Dec 9, 2010

# 351

Hi! :D Here are the pics I've done to the With Love hunt, which ends at December 17th, so I hope I have time to blog the other gifts. If you didn't do this hunt yet, maybe this post can help you get only
 what you like. Each hunt gift costs 10L and there are many awesome things! It's late so I'm not
crediting things that aren't from the hunt. Anything you want to know leave a comment or IM me in world. :D Have fun! (Starting point at SwanSong)

with love hunt 1

with love hunt 2

with love hunt 3

with love hunt 4

with love hunt 5

with love hunt 6

with love hunt 7

with love hunt 8

with love hunt 9

Oh, and just a reminder. The Happy Hollidays From.. hunt just started! It's like the 2nd part of the With Love From... hunt. Starting point at Ispachi!