Dec 7, 2010

Madsy Madsy Madsy!!!

Hello, again! Here's some more picks!


Left to Right:

Dress by Madsy (Anna minidress)
Hair by (Tatum)
Shoes by Maitreya (Frenzy Bananas)
Skin by Al Vulo (Barby pale pack)

Dress by Madsy (Megan minidress)
Hair by Free Speerit (Lyrlia...and not sure if they're still open..will check) *Apparently they're under construction!*
Shoes by Maitreya (SoHo Boots Black Suede)

Shirt by Madsy (xoxo Cardigan)
Pants by Diapop (Jeans blu scuro)
Shoes by !C'est Moi! (Indie Sandals in Black)
Hair by Epoque (Hierarchy-Dips)

Happy shopping!

EDIT: Sad news, I just realized Madsy is closed, but I will totally from now on check to see if the stores are open or not before I blog! MY BAD everyond! Sorry!


Grazia said...

Is Madsy back? As far as I know, it closed months ago, and the creator does not have any picks in her profile.....

Anonymous said...

that's what i thought they she had closed down?