Mar 3, 2011

TFG:: The Fashion Garret!

All of these things I'm about to show you come from The Fashion Garret!
It is a group consisting of the creators of Cheerno, Scatter, Vive 9, R.cielli, Stash,
Le Petit Design, Al vulo, FILTHY, Morantique,
Respect, Crazy, SK Design, Zenith, KIK, Bukka, House of Fox,
Sleepy Eddy, GATO, [ARNADI], Poison, All Style Design, +mocha+, and Berries Inc...
They offer discount prices just like The Dressing Room. They also
have a group you can join to be updated when they change the items!
Everything is from TFG unless otherwise specified.

Shoes from Hoorenbeek
Hair from Shag
Socks from Shania's Sockshop
Everything else is from The Fashion Garret!
Skin is by Al Vulo from TFG!
Eyes from Den-Dou
Jewelry from TFG!
They also have loads more! My wallet was just...lacking :D

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to IM me inworld!
Iris Junot