Apr 15, 2011

# 381

Hi! :D Today is the last day of the Pose Fair, but I still have so much to show that I'll keep showing! heheeh

Pose Fair 2011 - 23
Hair: Clawtooth
Skin and Shoes: Lelutka
Dress: Shine (@ TFG)
Bag: FABags

Hair and skin: Lelutka
Dress and belt: Mon Tissu
Earrings and bracelet: League
Pose Fair 2011 - 20
Left - Hair: Vive9; Skin: LAQ (new); Shoes and bag: Pelletteria Morrisey (@ Project Fur Japan); Top: Cool Beans; Shorts: Mon Tissu; Bracelets and necklace (modded): KOSH for 50 of a kind
Right - Hair: Lamb; Shoes: Anexx; Dress: Tres Blah (Tableau Festival); Bag: Milk Motion
Pose Fair 2011 - 26
I was so sad and surprised when I got the notice from Tiny Bird which said the store is closing :( If there's something you've been willing to buy you have till the end of April to get it. And on discounted prices!

Left - Dress and hair: Tiny Bird; Shoes: Gos; Bag: Modern Gipsy; Bracelet and earrings: KOSH (the bracetls are part of the 50 of a kind set, which I'm guessing it's over by now!); Skin: LAQ; Bandaids: Reek

Right - Dress w/ shir and hairt: Tiny Bird; Shoes: Reek; Socks: Label Mode; Bag: Atomic
Pose Fair 2011 - 27
Left - Dress and hair: Tiny Bird; Shoes: Hoorenbeek; Leggings: Kyoot.

Right - Hair and sweater: Tiny Bird; Pants: Kyoot (50L sale on all clothes); Bag: Veschi; Shoes: Hoorenbeek (new).
Pose Fair 2011 - 24
Left - Romper and hair: Tiny Bird; Boots: Tiny Bird; Earrings: Lucy in Disguise (free); Skin: Tres Blah

Right: Dress: Tiny Bird (FLF); Boots and hair: Tiny Bird; Socks: Pig; Bag: Chabins; Cigarrete: Gentleman Store; Earrings: Mandala; Head piece: DP Yumyum; Skin: Tres Blah.

Pose Fair 2011 - 25
Left - Hair and shirt: Tiny Bird; Skin: Tres Blah; Shoes: Reek (FLF); Pants: Gato; Lipstick: Glamorize

Right: Hair w/ accessorie and dress: Tiny Bird; Shoes: Maitreya; Skin: Tres Blah; Bag: Kookie; Bracelet and ring: KOSH.
Pose Fair 2011 - 22
Left - Harem pants, belt and top: Fleshtone (new); Bag: Fleshtone; Shoes: Anexx; Necklace and earrings: Lauria; Eyeshadows: La Malvada Mujer (TFG); Hair: Milana; Lipstick: Glamorize; Skin: Mynerva

Right - Harem pants, belt and top: Fleshtone (new); Bag and shoes: Fleshtone; Hair: Clawtooth; Necklace: League; Bracelet and ring: KOSH
Pose Fair 2011 - 21
Left - Dress: H.E.D. (new); Shoes: Mayden Couture (@ Beauty Code Designers Circle); Hair: D!va; Hair bow: TokiD (new); Bracelet and ring: KOSH

Right: Dress: MmK (TFG); Shoes: Mayden Couture (@ Beauty Code Designers Circle); Shutter: Bellies; Hair: D!va
Pose Fair 2011 - 17
Left - Dress: Iren (new); Skin: Iren; Boots: Surf Co (new); Leggings: Ohmai (free); Hair: W&Y; Bag: LpD

Right - Dress: Iren (new); Hair: W&Y; Necklace: Sigma (new); Shoes: LpD; Bracelets: Shade Throne (group gift).
Pose Fair 2011 - 19
Left - Skin: Lpd; Pants dna shirt: Aoharu (new); Shoes: Anexx; Hair: Elikatira; Earrgins: KOSH

Right - Top and shorts: Ange (new); Shoes and hair: (fd); Skin: LpD
Pose Fair 2011 - 18
Left - Hair: Simply Britney; Dress: Avrora (new); Skin: LpD (new); Shoes: Anexx; Necklace: Sigma (new)

Right - Outfit (skirt, socks, boots, top and ajcket): Butterfly Effectz (this set was to Monday Mania but unfortunately I wasnt able to blog in time); Hair with hat: Maitreya; Bracelet: Shade Throne; Skin: LpD