Feb 23, 2012

# 423

I'm going to only credit my pics for a while, because I'm still spending a lot of time organizing my invo! I'm sorry for that!
Shirt: LpD (new!!)
Hair: Lamb (new!!)
Skirt: RA (mesh)
Boots: Insolence (mesh) 
Belt: Aoharu
Bag: Fishy Strawberry (TDR)
Skin: ITGirls
Bracelet: Pacadi (store closed)
Pose: Torrid Wear (store closed)

 Hair: Lamb (new!!)
Dress: Arisaris (mesh - this color is 90L at market place)
Boots: Gos (new at Festival of Sin)
Thights: Blowpop
Bracelets: Pacadi
Bag: S@bbia
Hairband: LouLou&Co
Skin: ITGirls
Tattoo: GoK
Pose: dfo

Hair: Magika (mesh - new!!) The "NO ACTA SOPA PIPA" band is a free add-on!
Boots: Gos (mesh - new at Festival of Sin)
Shirt and skirt: ColdLogic (mesh)
Bag: Sey
Necklace: Sorry.Asia
Glasses: Acid&Mala
Skin: ITGirls
Pose: dfo

Hair: Magika (mesh - new!!)
Boots: Gos (new at Festival of Sin - mesh)
Leggings: Kyoot
Dress: S@bbia (lucky board prize for group members)
Skin: ITGirls
Shorts: Surf Co.
Bag: Izumiya
Poses and money: LAP (new at Festival of Sin)