Mar 3, 2010

# 262

Here I am again! lol It's been really hard to find some time to SL and blog and stuff. Usually when I'm done with everything I'm way too tired so I need to sleep... But I'll always try to update the blog once in a while. Please, keep checking back :) Luv yall!

happy finds - tres blah - diva
Tote bag from Tres Blas, subscribo gift; giraffe dress from Happy Finds, 0L for a limited time.

~Other items~
Hair: D!va
Sneakers: Anexx
Dress and knot shirt: Aoharu
Leggings: Veschi; Izumyia
Necklace: ShadeThrone

vive9 marianne gg
Marianne skins from Vive9, group gift in notices (150L to join, very worthy IMO. You can still find the xian boots in notices). Hair from D!va, lucky board gift (5 minutes with some wild cards).

lelutka ife gg
Skins from Lelutka, group gift in notices. There's also a pack of makeups for the new SL viewer, which is awesome, but I can't use it to take pictures yet. My pics get too small on the viewer.... anyone knows how to solve it? hehe The hair is also from D!va, lucky board gift (you get the 2 styles). Shirt is from Paris Metro, subscribo gift which I'm not sure if still available, but you should try, it comes with a great pair of red pants.


Lorellai Kondor said...

Hi Gabi, I had similar problems.. I figured out that you need to uncheck constrain proportions, then it works ok! :D have fun!

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Thank you so much, Lorellai! I'll try that right now! :)))