Mar 21, 2010

# 264

I know everyone heard Vive9 is closing. I think it's a shame, we're losing a great skin store, let's just hope BluAbyss can solve all her rl issues and open Vive9 again! For now, there's a huge sale at the store, skins are 400L or 250L (fatpacks 2k or 1k). And I can't wait to see the Lulu skins they're releasing before the store closes. Now for the pics (click on them to go to my flickr and see them bigger).

vive9 marianne light 1
Marianne in light tone: GumDrop, Latex, Morning, Shady. Hair from; top from Argrace.

vive9 marianne light 2
Marianne Light: Forever, Nudist, Toast, Piplup. Hair:,, Boon, Boon. Tops: W&B, Lelutka, Miel, League. Earrings: Creamshop, Shade Throne.

vive9 marianne II apricot 1
Marianne II Apricot: Envy, Forever, Natural, Paparazzi. Hair: Clawtooth (free), (fd), Maitreya, Epoque (VW). Tops: W&B, Milk MOtion, Artilleri and Ohmai, Lelutka. Earrings: Chuculet, Icon. Hair flower: LaGyo.

vive9 marianne II apricot 2
Marianne II apricot: Smoke, Piplup, Toast. Hair: Mirai, AyLine, Mirai. Tops: Ohmai, MALT, Argrace.

vive9 Cailyn light
Cailyn and Cailyn v2 in light tone: York, Fresco, Bill, Stoned, Pure, Forest, PureBlush. Hair: Clawtooth, Lamb, Artilleri, Hair OH, Surf Co, Maitreya, (fs). Clothes: Narwhal and G*Field, C'est La Vie, SMS, Royal Blue, Niniko and Happy Finds, Pink Outfitters, G*Field. Earrings: Chuculet, Shade Throne, Zaara. Scarf: League.

vive9 - sms gg
Green skirt from SMS, group gift in notices. White boyfriend tank from Ohmai, 0L. Poses from [.doll], 60L a fatpack, today only!

~Ohter items~
Hair: Maitreya, (new)
Skins: Vive9
Shoes: Urbanity, Tesla
Brown tank: Armidi
Necklace: Shade Throne
Leggings: Sen 2
Jacket and pants: SMS (new)
Bracelet: Zaara
Bag: Tres Blah
vive9 - sms new
More new goodness from So Many Styles: pants, flower top and baby doll dress! Poses from [doll.], 60L a fatpack, today only!

~Other items~
Hair: Hair OH,
Shoes: LMK (DU3), Miel
Leggins: Boing Fromage
Bag: Creamshop
Hair flower: Fuel (old gift)