Sep 1, 2010

# 317

Alysha Rennahan had an idea to make a weekly blogger challenge on plurk (I have plurk but I never log in there), and this week theme is Oldies but Goodies. I love challenges and I decided to join the fun. Items must be at least 1 year old.

oldies but goodies challenge 1

oldies but goodies challenge 2

To the oldies but still goodies:
- Skin from Celestial Studios (Jun 2008). I used to weak CS a lot, and also Abyss and Belleza. But the first skins I bought, back in Feb 2007, and loved was from Gala Skins, made by Gala Phoenix :).
- Hair from Frangipani Designs (Sep 2008) , and the hair in the face shot is from ETD, purchased Fev 2007.
- Tank with bow collar from Maeva (Jul 2008)
- Pants from Armidi (Jul 2008)
- White shirt from Laynie Wear - now Tea Lane (Sep 2008) I think I bought every color of this shirt! :D
- Sneakers from UBU (Jun 2008) When I bought these shoes I was sooo in love I wouldn't take it off. Well, I still love them!
- Bag from Baiastice (Jul 2008) This bag was a hunt gift.

I hope you liked my oldies but goodies... :D