Sep 20, 2010

# 322

nyte n day sale
Nyte'n'Day is having a 25-50% sale on almost everything in store, and if you haven't been there yet you still have time. The sale ends tomorrow. Top, skirt, belt, shorts, coat and sweater from Nyte'n'Day.

~Other items~
Hair: (fd),
Shoes: Anexx (DU3), Kookie
Earrings, nails, bracelets: Mandala
Hair bow: (fd) (it was a gift at Hair Fair)
Leggings: Izumyia
Eyes: Tyranny Designs (for Stumbeblum brigade, 25L - on all pics)

sn@tch group gift
Outfit with skirt, corset, blouse, tie, socks, gloves and hat from Sn@tch, group gift in notices (and I think she sent it through the subscribo too).
~Other items~
Hair: Aoharu
Skin: Mynerva
Shoes: BAX
Eye makeup: Glam Affair (TDR)

baiastice TDR blue and alb group gift
Dress from Baiastice @ TDR Blue (new collection). Boots from ALB, group gift in notices.

~Other items~
Hair: Ploom (Project Themeory)
Skin: Mynerva
Earrings and bracelets: Mandala

veschi TDR blue - atomic group gift
Jampsuit from Veschi @ TDR Blue. I'm showing 3 ways of wearing it, but it has even more options.

~Other items~
Hair: RezIpsa
Skin: Mynerva
Shoes: Lelutka
Bangles and earrings: Mandala
Shirt: Atomic (group gift)
Necklace: Mynerva (10L)bellies MM - hucci subscribo gift - TDR blue
Coat from Bellies, midnight mania prize. Leggings from Tee*fy @ TDR Blue. Lace dress from Hucci, subscribo gift. Glasses from Peppermint Blue, subscribo gift for their 3rd Anniversary!

~Other items~
Hair: Lollipopz, @Waffles (DUnt19)
Shoes: Gos, Maitreya
Socks: Shiny Things
Earrings: Glow Studio @ TDR Blue
Skin: Mynerva
Bracelet: Mandalacouverture gg - hate this MM - sole sisters gift - chantkare gg
Dress from Couverture, group gift in store. Scarf, hood and mask from Hate This, Monday Mania item, 25L. Boots from Sole Sisters, cupcake hunt prize (store hunt). Dress from Chantkare, group gift in notices.

~Other items~
Hair: (fd), Ploom
Shoes: Sole Sisters, Coco
Leggings: Izumyia
Bracelet and earrings: Mandala
Skin: Mynerva
 jp design gg - mons sale - m2m MM - 22769 gg
Sneakers from JP Dsg, group gift in store. Top on pic 1 from MonS, 50L outlet. Dress from M2M, Monday Mania item, 25L. Safari outfit from 22769, group gift.

~Other items~
Hair: Ohmai, Beetlebones
Pants: Niniko
Earrings: CreamShop
Rings and bracelt: Mandalaatomic vip gift
Tops from Atomic, group gift in store (there's a fee to join the group).

~Other items~
Hair: Truth
Shoes: CheerNo (TDR), JP Design (group gift)
Pants: Shampoo
Pants and corset: Nyte'n'day
Necklace: Happy Finds (Project Themeory)
Bag: Milk Motion (FLF)momo sale - tricot gg - alb gg
Dress, thermal and cardigan from ~momo~, 1L each. Unfortunately it's a closing sale, many items for 1L and others 50% off. Boots from ALB, group gift in notices. Hair from Tricot, group gift in store. Necklace from Mynerva, 0L.

~Other items~
Earrings: Violet Voltaire
Skin: Mynerva (with the new lipstick layer)
Nails and rings: Page 3

emery freebie - momo sale - tricot gg and lb
Dress from ~momo~, 1L. Shirt from Emery, 0L (5 colors!). Hair from Tricot, the one on the left is a lucky board prize and the other one is a group gift in store.

~Other items~
Shoes: Hoorenbeek, ETD
Pants: Boom
Socks: Aoharu
Bag: Soho
Lollipop holster: Toast
Inner top: ~momo~
Skin: Mynerva
Tongue: RC Cluster (FLF)