Sep 26, 2010

# 326 - The Seasons Hunt (Fall)

I'm finally done with the pictures for The Seasons Hunt! Took me some time to that, I'm glad today is a rainy Sunday and I'm too lazy to go out! lol

the seasons hunt

You can see all the pictures on my flickr. I took pictures of everything! Yay! Thank you Cake Mixmaster and Lila Corith for posing with me for the Olive Juice picture.

For a complete list of the stores with slurls, check the hunt blog. For hints, help and some cool chat join the group inworld.

Thanks to Hallie Gallie and all the store owners for the amazing hunt and sooo great gifts!


Anonymous said...

I can't find season hunt fall album on your flickr
Where is ti please ?
Thank you
Aliciajade singh

Gabi Fitzgerald said...

Hi Alicia!
This post was for last year's season hunt heheh Flickr has already swallowed these pics :D