Feb 9, 2011

# 363

huit eyeshadows - vive9 hair - dutch touch skin sale - avrora shirt
By now you probably already know about the skin sale at Dutch Touch. Some skins are only 250L per single skin and the fatpacks cost 250 X the number of the skins in the pack. I took the oportunity to get some skins I didn't have yet, and some darker tones. On this pic I'm wearing Sjors in caramel, basic makeup.

~Other items~
Hair: Vive9 (fabulous and new!)
Eyeshadows: HUIT
Shirts: Avrora (new)
Tank: Jane
Eyes: UNIQUE Megastore (come with Kristen skins)
Neck bug: Doesn't come with the skins or makeups, just to make sure you get that lol
 huit luckyboard eyeshadows - dutch touch skin sale
Time for Xaya in olive tone, Smokey makeup. I'm also wearing the eyeshadows from HUIT, and these are lucky board prizes!

~Other items~
Hair: Vive9 (new)
Dresses: Avrora (new)
Neck bug: Doesn't come with the skins or makeups

kozmetika freebies - dutch touch sale
Gwen in cotton, basic makeup, from Dutch Touch sale. The tattoo makeups I'm wearing can be found at the new Kozmetika, a mall where you can buy makeups, lashes and nails from many designers. On this picture I'm wearing: 1- Lipstick and moles from (Ag); 2- Nose bandaid from Grixdale and eyeshadow from Boom; 3- Eyeliner and blush from La Malvada Mujer.

~Other items~
Hair: Vive9 (new)
Top: Ingenue
Eyes: Lelutka
Neck bug: Doesn't come with the skins or makeupskozmetika freebies pididdle - foxy avatar skin new - d!va gg hair
More freebies @ Kozmetika: 1- No makeups used, plain basic skin from Foxy Avatar; 2- Lipstick from Pididdle, white eyeliner from Chelle (not free); 3- Blush and lipstick from Pididdle; 4- Lipstick with teeth from Pididdle. On pics 2, 3 and 4 I'm wearing a simple eye liner from Glamurize (not at Kozmetika, and not free, but as always, very cheap!) The hair is the new group gift from D!va, in store gift.

~Other items~
Skin: Foxy Avatar (new)
Sweater: Tiny Bird
Neck bug: Doesn't come with the skins or makeups
miamai gg - d!va lucky boards
And more makeups! These eyeshadows are from Miamai, subscribo gift. There are 2 more styles in the pack. Both hairs are from D!va lucky boards.

~Other items~
Skin: Lara Hurley (new)
Tops: Elate (part of dresses, on sale!)
Earrings: AlaMood (now MOOD)
Neck bug: Doesn't come with the skins or makeups


Anonymous said...

for me, in the first pic, the av looks like Lindsay Lohan, but the lips of the av are prettier,ehehehe. You did a very good job ;)

Gabi Fitzgerald said...

Ty Gabriella! :)
I only modify mouth and nose when i change skins. Just to make the skins look better on my avatar. :)