Feb 22, 2011

# 364

Hi! Long time no "see"... :) RL is still very busy and I'm not finding much time to blog :( Really sorry about that.
Anyways, I could get in the Skin Fair on Sunday, 40 minutes after it opened. It was a bit laggy, of course, but good enough to catch all the demos. But, happily (or not! for my pocket) the designers were all inspired and the skins are awesome. I made a selection of the skins that look good on my shape
without major changes. And I do have a preference for those with light eyebrows option. Well,  this is what I ended up with... 17 skins!! lol Since I can't afford to have them all, I decided to make this post so I can check them on pictures, which helps to decide, and maybe you can also give me some help! Please? lol

skin fair 2011 - YS&YS
I just love this skin from YS&YS, and this will be one I'll buy for sure!
 skin fair 2011 - YS&YS 2
Although this is too dark for what I usually wear, I also love it. Let's see. I'm going to get 3 or 4 packs, and 2 dark packs would be too many.

 skin fair 2011 - curio
As always, Curio has lovely skins.
 skin fair 2011 - cupcakes
 skin fair 2011 - Iren
I like Iren this time, they usually don't look so good on my shape, but I do like these ones.
 skin fair 2011 - Glam Affair
Glam Affair so beautiful. I just miss some freckles. :)
 skin fair 2011 - PXL
New gen Linda. From PXL. No comments needed.
 skin fair 2011 - CheerNo
CheerNo Femme. I'm really fond of this one!
 skin fair 2011 - redgrave
Redgrave's Fairy Avie. This is so cute, I don't think I'll resist.
 skin fair 2011 - lelutka
Lelutka, as always, yummy skin.
 skin fair 2011 - AtomicBambi
AtomicBambi has some nice makeups.
 skin fair 2011 - grixdale
Grixdale Emery. I bought the Valentine editions, and they're awesome!
 skin fair 2011 - idiosyncrasy
Idiosyncrasy, I do like how mature this skin looks.
skin fair 2011 - lara hurley
Lara Hurley, always sweet.
 skin fair 2011 - rozena
I also love these ones from Rozena.
 skin fair 2011 - mynerva
Mynerva, one of my favorites.
 skin fair 2011 - tuli
Tuli, other favorite.

Hmm hard task. Which ones should I buy!?

PS: The eyes worn on this post are from Unique Megastore, and they're free at the Fair. Btw, Unique has some of the best eyes in SL imo.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you look great in all of them, in my opinion!

Since you said that you will get 3 or 4, I feel like you need YS&YS (the first picture), PXL, Cheerno, Tuli!
Just my opinion, even though you look stunning in all.

Nieleav Kowalski said...

:) im a big fan of curio skins. I been wearing their skins for over a year without changing. Until i discovered glam affair :P
So not a coincidence they both are my fav in those pics and I also liked Tuli and Lara Hurley. Im gonna try them myself as soon as I manage to enter the sim =/

Gabi Fitzgerald said...

Ty, girls! It really helps to get your comments! :)
I'll let you know when I decide. But indeed, YS&YS is a must buy!

Anonymous said...

I love Curio! they both look so pretty on you. Can you please tell me where the eyelashes are from?

Gabi Fitzgerald said...

Hi Twisted, ty! Those lashes are from Lelutka. Come with Lola skin.

Gabi Fitzgerald said...

Margo Sciarri said...
thanks for the great pics - from someone who couldn't get in to the fair... as normal. I wish that there were some skins made with thinner lips though lol - not into that fat lip look.

Gabi Fitzgerald said...

Yw! :D
That could be my shape, I'm a fat lips girl! lol You have to try them on your shape, maybe they'll look more like you want. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Gabi, nice post. Trying to make a look more similar to rl, I'm wearing curio (curio's skin makes the cheeks look more puffy, and I love the baby face style), but sometimes when I want someting sexier, I wear my regrave skin, lol. But, in these pictures, redgrave and YS&YS are the best \o\

So, where did u buy the eyelashes?

Gabi Fitzgerald said...

Thanks for the comment, Gabriella. I also love Curio skins, I have many of them, but this time I haven't picked it. I'll show my picks later hehe
About the lashes, as I told Twisted a couple of comments above, they are from Lelutka, included in Lola skin packs. lol :D
These lashes are awesome, and everybody asks about them! :D

Irischka said...

You made a good Job..very nice pics and this is first time i liked the lelutka skin.

Gabi Fitzgerald said...

Ty, Irischka! :)