May 5, 2011

# 387

It took me 2 days to finish visiting Culture Shock, not only because it was too laggy, but also because it's big! :D Maybe now it's not that laggy, since the event started on Sunday and that's when I went the first time. All designers have items for charity, to benefit Médecines Sans Frontière/Doctors Without Borders/Médicos Sem Fronteiras. The event runs until May 22nd so you still have plenty of time to visit, if you haven't done yet. Despite the lag, the event is amazing, the designs are grrrrrrreat and the MSF is fabulous! Info about Culture Shock here.
After spending all my money there, I felt like playing top model, and did all my pics on the runway from Olive Juice. Poses are from various designers, including Status, Croire and Just a Pose, these bought at Culture Shock. Items from Culture Shock will be shown in red. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. The post is huge!! Just a warning... hehehe :)

Culture Shock 14
Left: Dress and jacket: The Secret Store; skin: Atomic (group gift - group closed); hair: Lelutka; boots: Mon Tissu; earrings: Mandala; bag: Izumyia.
Right: Jacket: The Secret Store; skirt: Vanitas Vesture; skin: Atomic (group gift - group closed); hair: Vive9; shoes: G Field; tank: Jane; nails: Pixel Mode.

Culture Shock 12
Left: Dress: The Secret Store; shoes: Zeery; hair: 69 (new); skin: LAQ; necklace: LaGyo; ring: Lacie Cakes; bangle: Atelier AM.
Right: Dress: The Secret Store; bag: The Secret Store (new); skin: Atomic (group gift); hair: Elikatira; shoes and socks: Anexx.

Culture Shock 4
Left: Dress: Indie Rose; glasses and bangles: The Sea Hole; Hair with hat: Kik (new); shoes: Lelutka; skin: Tuli.
Right: Dress: Indie Rose; hair: Friday; skin: Tuli; shoes: Maitreya; bangles: The Sea Hole.

Culture Shock 6
Left: Dress: Ibizarre; skin: Tuli; hair: Vive9; shoes: Courtisane; necklace: LaGyo.
Right: Top and pants: Ibizarre; shoes: Anexx; hair: Lamb; skin: Tuli; glasses and hat: Mr. Poet.

Culture Shock 5
Left: Dress: LpD; hair: Plume; skin: Tuli; rings and bracelet: LaGyo; shoes: Anexx.
Right: Dress: Vive9; necklace and earrings: Je Suis; shoes: TokiD; hair: Maitreya; backpack and glasses: Mr. Poet.

Culture Shock 2
Left: Skirt: Milk Motion; jacket: The Secret Store; top: G Field; flats: Absolution; hair: Plume; earrings and rings: LaGyo.
Right: Top and skirt: G Field; hair: Plume; hairbase: Amacci; skin: Tuli; bracelet: U&R Dogs; lipstick: Rozena.

Culture Shock 7
Left and right: Skirt and tops: Acid&Mala; shoes: Anexx; hair: Analog Dog; bangles and earrings: Ticky Tacky; skin: Tuli; headband: TFG past group gift; hair feathers: Pididdle.

 Culture Shock 10
Left: Dress: Baiastice; shoes: Slink; skin: LAQ; bag: The Sea Hole; bracelet: U&R Dogs; hair: 69.
Right: Top: Ingenue; Skirt: Sn@tch; flats: Absolution; bag: Armidi; hair: Exile; earrings: League; hair piece: DP Yumyum; bracelets: Cream Shop.

Culture Shock 1
Left: Top and pants: sur+; flats: Absolution; belt (comes with skirt): Fishy Strawberry: skin: Tuli; bracelet, ring and earrings: LaGyo; eyeshadows: Boom.
Right: Top and hair flower: Nudolu; pants: Ilaya; flats: Duh (Albero gacha); skin: Tuli; eyeshadows: Boom; hair: Elikatira; lipstick: Rozena.

Culture Shock 3
Left: Skirt, sunglasses and top (part of a dress): Fishy Strawberry; necklace: Happy Finds; ring: *LC*; hair: Truth; skin: Tuli.
Right: Top and skirt: Fishy Strawberry; shoes: UBU; socks: Maitreya; hair: 69; earrings and bangle: LaGyo; skin: Tuli; eyeshadow: Boom; lipstick: Rozena.

Culture Shock 8
Left: Top: Swansong; skirt: Sn@tch; shoes: Cherry; hair: Maitreya; skin: Tuli; rings: LaGyo.
Right: Hair and hairbase: RezIpsa Loc; skirt: Sn@tch; top: Atomic; necklace: Boom; skin: Tuli; eye liner: Glamorize; lipstick: Chelle; earrings: Rozoregalia; fishnets: Blowpop; shoes: 50 Flats.

Culture Shock 9
Left and right: Dresses: Penned; skin: Jesylilo; hair: Elikatira;
Left: Shoes: G Field; hair flower: Solidea Folies; bangle and rings: LaGyo; earrings and lashes: Glow Studio.
Right: Shoes: Maitreya; bangles and earrings: Mandala.

 Culture Shock 11
Left: Jacket and white shirt: sur+; long tank: Grixdale; skin: LAQ; hair: BooN; boots: Kookie; pants: Young Urban; neckbow: Jane; fishnets: Jane; bag: The Secret Store (new).
Right: Top: Izzie's; shoes: Nardcotix; skin: LAQ; hair with hat: Kik (new); bag: Mon Tissu (group gift); skirt and belt: Fishy Strawberry; bracelet and necklace: Icon.

Culture Shock 16
Left: Skirt: Sn@tch; white tank: Pompompom (1L, 2 colors); jacket: Jane; necklace and bracelet: Izzie's; boots: Surf Co; socks: Jane (edited); fishnets: Sheer; belt: CheerNo (part of shirt); skin: Mynerva; hair: Lelutka.
Right: Dress: Indie Rose; shoes: Maitreya; hair: 69; earrings: Je Suis; skin: Mynerva; ring: *LC*.

Culture Shock 13
Left: Dress: Miamai (free!); skin: Heartsick (free); hair and earrings: Plume; hairbase: Amacci; shoes: Nardcotix; necklace: Boom.
Right: Dress: Magoa (free!); shoes: Magnifico; skin: Heartsick (free!); hair: Lelutka; bracelet: Finesmith.

Culture Shock 15
Left: Dress: Sn@tch (free!); boots: Surf Co; skin: Mynerva; eyeshadows: Croire; leggings and inner tank: League; hair: Magika; backpack: Mr. Poet.
Right: Tank dress: KIM (free!); shoes: Miel; socks: Jane; inner shirt: Fishy Strawberry; sheer long shirt: Jane; skin: Atomic (group gift); bag: The Secret Store (new); necklace: Boom; thights: sheer; hair: Head Mistress.

 Culture Shock 17
Torso dance with me prop with 10 poses: Ilaya; swimsuit: Croire; shoes: Zeery; hair: Elikatira; skin: Atomic (group gift); earrings: Mandala.

Culture Shock 18
Firefly frenzy (6 poses): LAP; dress: Indie Rose; skin: Mynerva; eyeshadow: Croire; hair: 69.