May 8, 2011

# 388

Hi! I hope everyone had a happy mother's day. Although I think everyday's mother's day :D
Here are many bargains for Sunday, better late than never, you still have time to get them!...

LpD and Teefy PT
Boots and purse from LpD, 75L each for Project Themeory. Also for PT is the striped skirt from Tee*fy, 75L.

~Other items~
Hair: 69 (new sandy color, 50L until May 13)
Skin: Jesylilo (new)
Shoes: LpD, Boom
Top and skirt on the left: LpD (new)
Top on the right: Mon Tissu (new)
Earrings: YS&YS, Glow Studio
Hat: Boom (new)
grixdale and vive9 PT - jesylilo new
Long shirt from Grixdale and dress from Vive9, 75L each for Project Themeory which theme this week is "Found Art".

~Other items~
Hair: Truth, Friday
Shoes: Duh (Albero Gacha), Reek (FLF)
Jeans: Berries Inc
Short leggings: Izumyia
Bags: Mon Tissu (new), Izumyia
Bracelets: Icon, Legit
Skin: Jesylilo (new)
Jesylilo lazy sunday - pig sale
Skin from Jesylilo for Lazy Sunday, 75L only! Flats on the right from A.D.D. Andel for Albero Gacha Festival, on the left from Virtual Insanity, 62 for TOSL (2 versions, with and without flowers). Cardigans and pants from Pig, the gray striped is 1L, the pink and pants are 50L each (there's a 50L sale!). Flower earrings from Finesmith, subscribo gift for mother's day.

~Other items~
Hair: 69, Elikatira, Ploom (new)
Bag: The Secret Store (new)
Tank: Jane
Earrings: Finesmith, Glow
Necklace: Finesmith

LpD and Paris Metro gg
Dress from LpD, group gift in notices. Top, bangles and skirt from Paris Metro, subscribo gift.

~Other items~
Hair: Friday, 69
Shoes: Virtual Insanity
Skin: Jesylilo (new)
Necklace and earrings: Finesmith
Earrings (right): Glow
Cuff: Legit
Leezu-Fishy Strawberry-Glam Affair TDR - Baffle som gift
Romper and hat from Leezu, and outfit with corset, shorts with fringes and belt from Fishy Strawberry, all @ The Dressing Room. Barrel with pose from Baffle, subscribo gift. Skin on the left from Glam Affair @ TDR, on the left from Jesylilo for Lazy Sunday.

~Other items~
Hair: 69
Shoes: G Field, Hoorenbeek (on sale)
Necklace: Pepper
Bracelet: Addictia
Har (right) and wheat: Surf Co (past hunt gift)
Earrings: Glow
Ring: LC (Culture Shock)
SLC gg - trendstyle 60L weekends - Glam Affair TDR
Dress on the left from SLC, May group gift, and dress on the right from TrendStyle, 60L Weekends item. Skin from Glam Affair for TDR.

~Other items~
Hair: Maitreya, Elikatira
Shoes: G Field, Magoa
Bracelet: Addictia
MBS - HollyPocket
My Boudoir Spirit (MBS) is a new discount room with many designers offering items for 100L or less. Each collection lasts two weeks. Tops from HollyPocket, 90L for both colors at MBS.

~Other items~
Hair: 69
Shoes: UBU
Socks: Jane
Shorts: Izumiya
Jeans: Mon Tissu
Hair bow: TokiD
Earrings: Chantkare
Backpack: Mr. Poet (Culture Shock)
Bag: House of Fox
Skin: Atomic (group gift)
Bracelet: Paragon (new)
MBS - Spirit Store and Sorry.Asia
Top and pants from Spirit Store, 70L each at MBS. Skin from Sorry Asia, 100L also for MBS.

~Other items~
Hair: Head Mistress
Shoes: Elikatira
Bracelet: Paragon (new)
Earrings: Chantkare (subscribo gift)

MBS - Sorry.Asia
The skin from Sorry Asia at MBS includes 4 tones with teeth but if you're not into teeth you can get the lipsticks for 50L, 6 pack. Earrings from Chantkare, subscribo gift.
MBS - Shania's Sock Shop
Lingerie set from Shania's Sock Shop, 99L at MBS.

~Other items~
Hair: 69
Shoes: Pixel Mode
Necklaces: Dark Mouse and Magika
Skin: Atomic (group gift)
MBS - Paragon and Shania's - SLC news
Necklace from Paragon, 70L at MBS. Dress from SLC, 99L only for Low Letter Offer, and belt skirt also SLC, 60L Weekends item. Socks from Shania's Sock Shop, 90L for 3 colors at MBS

~Other items~
Hair: Elikatira, Head Mistress
Shoes: Baiastice, Dilly Dolls
Lace top: Spirit Store (new)
Skin: sorry Asia (MBS)

MBS MB Style - TrendStyle gg and low letter offer
Top, shorts and flats from TrendStyle, 79L until next friday, for Low Letter Offer. Skirt and top also from TrendStyle, May group gift. Necklace from MB Style, 50L at MBS.

~Other items~
Hair: Elikatira
Shoes: TrendStyle, G Field
Socks: Jane
Bracelet: Paragon
Skin: Jesylilo (new)
Belt: Pepper