May 19, 2011

# 390

Hello again :D

I've gone insane and made so many pictures with the shoes I got from Shoe Fair that I'm not going to blog them here, instead I'll just add credits on my flickr and you can check them there if you want. It's much easier for us all... hehe :D
Remember the fair has many items for charity, to benefit Soles4Souls. I myself had the charity shoes as my most elegible to buy. :D
Click here for the pics.



PS: I'm deleting the chat box on the side bar since most of what I get is SPAM. If you need to ask anything, please use the comments. :) Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Ola Gabi, todos os dias visito seu blog. Adoro suas postagens e estou sentindo falta delas. Você sumiu! Aparece menina!! Não nos abandone.

Gabi Fitzgerald said...

Oi!! Então, tive uns problemas mas estou voltando!! :D