Aug 30, 2011

# 393

Hi! I'm so glad with the new viewer 3 they sorted out that annoying inventory delay! It was making me so irritated that I wasn't feeling like blog at all. But now, it's all good!  Now I wait till Kirstens has it fixed too! Till then, loving Viewer 3 (using the beta version btw).

~~EDITED~~ Seems like I've spoken too soon. Suddenly It started to crash on every attempt to take a snapshot. EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Talking about annoying things, does anyone know how to get rid off the black line on top of snapshots?? I appreciate any feedbacks!

And now for today's goodies.

The Secret Store - TDR
Dress from The Secret Store at The Dressing Room.

~Other items~
Hair: D!va
Shoes: Vive9
Bag: Lelutka
Skin: Dutch Touch

vanitas vesture moody mondays
Tunic and skirt from Vanitas Vesture. It was for Moody Mondays, but I bought it today (Tuesday), so you may be lucky too.

~Other items~
Hair: tram
Skin and lipstick: Dutch Touch
Lipstain: Chelle
Eye makeup: Glamurize
Shoes: Hoorenbeek
Fishnet thights: Blowpop
Bracelet: Legit
Earrings: MB Style
Ring: Kosh
Hair band: DP Yumyum

PRISS and ISON TFG - sey - dutch touch
Skirt from Priss and shoes from Isson, both available at The Fashion Garret.

~Other items~
Hair: Friday
Skin: Dutch Touch
Shirt: Mon Tissu
Bag: Sey
Bracelets: League
Cigarrete: FNKY!
tulip and cheerNo TGF - lelutka - diva - dutch touch
Top from CheerNo and bag from Tulip, also at TFG. New mesh shoes from Lelutka!

~Ohter items~
Skirt: Fishy Strawberry
Hair: D!va (group gift)
Skin: Dutch Touch
Headband: Action

DDL and tulip - TFG
Top from Tulip, necklace and earrings from DDL, more stuff you can find at TFG this week. I'm so in love with this necklace!!

~Other items~
Hair: Taketomi
Shoes: Maitreya
Pants: GATO
Skin: Dutch Touch

haut mond TFG - kik - ricielli

Mesh skirt from Haut Mond, TFG item.

~Other items~
Hair: Kik
Skin: DT
Shoes and jacket: Ricielli


Leonie Zurakowsky said...

Hi, nice post! Can you please give me the exact slurl for the shop Cake where you got the cigarette in picture 3 from? Thanks! Leonie

Gabi Fitzgerald said...

Hi Leonie!
It's actually from FNKY! Both stores are in the same building. My bad!
Here's the slurl

and it's on sale!!

Família Black Br said...