Oct 1, 2011

# 399

XYROOM has a new round out today til the 25th. Here are some items, all priced under 100L:

xyroom 4
Poncho and sweater from Aleida, 99L; black pants from Wallflower, 79L; pants and sweater on the right from B!ASTA, 75L. The sweater also come with prim bottom. Earrings from JD Design, 88L (a necklace is also part of the set).

~Other items~
Hair: BooN
Skin: Filthy
Shoes: Gos
xyroom 6
Top and pants from Censored, 80L; black boots from Kristica, 99L; argyle sweater from Reila Skins, 90L.

~Other items~
Hair: Boon
Skin: Filthy
Shoes: Fir&MNA (for The Dressing Room Blue)
Jeans: Mon Tissu
Lipstick: Glamurize
Bangles: Old TDR special
Ring: Glow Studio (for The Dressing Room Blue new collection)
xyroom 7
Dress from Reila Skins, 75L; tattoo from ASD, 90L; thights from B!ASTA, 39L for 3 colors (black, white and red); boots from Kristica, 99L.

xyroom 8
Lingerie from Holli Pocket, 75.

~Other items~
Feet: Maitreya

xyroom 3
Dress and belt from Shush, 75L; skirt from Purpur, 79L; thights from B!ASTA, 39L (3 colors); necklace from Cubesphere, 75L.
xyroom 1
Mesh pants from Spirit Store, 99L; top (pack of 3 colors) and sneakers from -yo-, 50L each; necklace from I <3 Fashion, 99L (includes ring and earrings also).
xyroom 2
Dress and socks from American Bazaar, 95L; jacket from Azoury, 80L.

xyroom 5
Skins from Av!sage and Envy Me, 99L each. Necklace and earrings from JD Design, 88L.