Oct 29, 2011

# 408

Hi all! 2 posts in 2 days? Wow, that's a lot huh? hehehe But I have some really cool stuff today. You'll notice I'm trying to make my pics with shadows, so I'm sorry if the quality is worse than usual, but to learn better I need to start, right? :)

The Alley Shoppes
Have you been to Hogwarts' Alley Fair already? If not, you should go visit it, it's very cool, even for those who are not much into Harry Potter. Above is a picture of the street, and you'll find some stands selling various themed things. *The Alley Shoppes* taxi!

Here are some things you can get there:
boom and tokid - the alley shoppes
House colour team tees and mesh armwarmers from Boom. The tees pack includes 4 colours (one for each House), for men, women and younger avies and costs 125L (that's for the pack!). I chose House of the Badger team tee cause I like Hufflepuff! :D My wand is from TokiD, you have to answer some questions to the own and then you'll get the perfect wand for you. Mine is "11", holly, dragon heartstring wand"... Shoes from Leverocci, also bought at the Alley Shoppes!

~Other items~
Skin: LAQ
Skirt: TokiD (can also be found at The Alley Shops)
Hair: Truth

boom and ohmai - the alley shoppes
I bought my Pygmy Puff when I went to Ohmai for the seasons hunt, but now you can also find them at the Alley fair. It's so cute and cheap (30L), it's a gacha item, as well as the girly calderon, which is only 15L. Shoes from BRB.robe magique, 100L. 

ohmai pygmy puff
At The Alley Shoppes you can get the DIY boo kit for your pygmy puff @ Ohmai Emporium. Warning: Before going there, remove your scripts! I've been there many times since yesterday, and just now before blogging I went back to make sure everything was correct and forgot about the scripts. I got banned for an hour! hehehe :(

brb and tokid - the alley shoppes
Tie and shoes (socks included) from BRB.robe magique; wand and skirt from TokiD.

~Other items~
hair: Truth
Shirt: Coco
Cardigan: -tb-

Other random things:
TDR Blue - milk motion - emery - exile
TDR Blue has a new collection out: the shoes are 1L! Top and skirt from Emery (the skirt you'll find at main store). Bag from Milk Motion. Hair from Exile.

~Other items~
Necklace: CentoPallini
Skin: LAQ

bebe doll sbs - JE Republic hunt
On the left, skirt from Bebe Doll, part of SBS pack which includes 2 skirts, 1 pair of pants, 1 tee, 2 dresses, for only 60L; leggings from Tee*fy @ TDR Blue; hair from Exile also TDR Blue. 
On the right, skirt and corset from JE Republic, 1L and 0L (it's a gift hunt, there are many other gifts on the hunt, look for a gift box!); necklace from KOSH, 1L, and hair from Esk-imo, 0L.

~Other items~
Shirt: Izumiya
Shoes: A-BOMB, Kookie
Bag: House of Fox
Mesh sweater: Mashooka
Fishnet leggings: Erratic
Eyeshadows: Kosh
Ring: Concrete Flowers

KOSH  eyeshadows lost soul and dark style
Eyeshadows from KOSH, new release! The top row colors are part of the lost soul set, and the bottom row colors of the dark style set. Each set comes with 10 colors, 199L!

Concrete Flowers cute ring set
Rings from Concrete Flowers, 75L for a pack of 5. Includes also the plastic spider ring (not sown) which gives me the creeps! lol On the back you can see the 1L necklace from KOSH.

As always, if you want to see the pictures bigger you can click on them and see the large size on my flickr.