Aug 2, 2009

# 188

oh mai 2
I saw the other day Anya Ohmai post on Fashion Feed about her Military jacket and went to the store where she's selling it to check because it looked amazing on her pics. And oh, it also looks amazing on me! lol

Hair: Ohmai
Jacket: Ohmai (on sale here)
Shoes: J's
Top: Ohmai
Skirt: SMS
Earrings: ShadeThrone

oh mai 1
Then, earlier today I saw on FF again that's she's opening her store Ohmai at Creators Pavillion, for the basic and casual collection. So here I go again, the store has just a few items for now but they're worth a visit. I love the hairs! Can't wait to see what comes next! These cute tank tops are only 5L for a pack of 5! I, of course, bought them all! :)

~Other items~
Hair: Ohmai
Shoes: UBU
Shorts: Niniko
Leggings: Ohmai
Necklace and bracelet: Icon
Poses and stereo: Mela's (hair fair gift)

beetle bones 1
Once at Ohmai, I checked the store on its side, Beetle Bones, and found these 2 cute dresses for free! There are other equally nice stuff on sale there, and everything is very affordable!

~Other items~
Hair: Ohmai
Shoes: N-Core, Maitreya, Stilleto Moody, Redgrave
Gray babydoll top: Beetle Bones
Flower Skirt: SMS
Shirt: Leezu
Skirt: Beetle Bones
Leggins: Ohmai
Earrings: ShadeThrone
Bracelets: Icon, Dollita (1L)

sn@tch sale
I was almost forgeting to blog about the massive sale that is going on at Sn@tch. Everything but the new releases are 50%-75% off.

Pants and top: Sn@tch
Shorts and leggins: Sn@tch
Dress and socks: Sn@tch
Tank top: Ohmai
Boots: [0N], BAX
Belt: Reek
Bracelets: Fabulous
Glasses: Miel (august group gift)
Earrings: Ticky Tacky

puddles - royal blue
Brinks, owner of Puddles, has put some new dollarbies out. All bags from Puddles, 1L each. Shoes also from Puddles, 2L. The leggings are from Royal Blue, a pack with many colors for free!

~Other items~
Hair: Posh, HTD
Skirt: Narwhal
Tops: Ohmai
Earrings: Ticky Tacky

narwhal - dollita
Dress, pants with suspenders from Narwhal, group gift (go to the store, join the group and you'll get the gift). Leg warmers from Amaris Design, DNS gift. Pink tee from Dollita, 1L.

~Other items~
Hair: Posh, Dark Mouse
Shoes: UBU, J's
Shorts: Fetch Alternative (it was free, not sure if it's still)
Glasses: Miel (august group gift)
Earrings: ShadeThrone

stc - duh - dark mouse
Rocker outfit from Sweeter Than Candy, subscribo gift (thorn socks in the middle come in the pack). Hair from Dark Mouse, subscribo gift (you can't get past gifts, join the group to get them in the future)

~Other items~
Thights: Sheer
Boots: Duh
Bangles and earrings: Ticky Tacky