Aug 9, 2009

# 192

boudoir shoes 2
I got a notecard from Bea about AMG Boudoir camping chairs, and I was surprised how amazing their shoes are! You can camp for 150 minutes to get these silver sandals. There are also other shoes styles on the camping chairs, and hairs as well! Thanks Bea, and thanks a lot Minxu!

~Other items~ (not free)
Hair and outfit: Lelutka

boudoir shoes 1
Shoes from AMG Boudoir, not free.

~Other items~ (not free)
Hair: Lelutka
Dress: Plastik

boudoir shoes 3
Shoes from AMG Boudoir camping chairs. These are also on sale, so if you don't have time to camp you can buy them for 199L only. Both dresses and hair are from Paper.Doll sale (only until tomorrow). Clothes for 10L and hair for 25L. There's also a bargain corner where you find things for 5L.
Earrings from ShadeThrone, group gift in store.

doux petit dohl - paper doll - hoorenbeek
Top from Doux Petit Dohl, 0L; skirt from Paper Doll sale, 5L. Shrug and leggings from Paper Doll, 0L. Purple sneakers from Hoorenbeek, free again only for 2 days! Hurry to grab yours!

~Other items~
Hair:, Paper.Doll
Shoes: Kookie, AMG Boudoir
Tanks: Ohmai
Socks: Naive
Sheer tee: Boom
Whtie pants: Niniko

friday freebies
Tank top, bikinis and coverup from, 0L. The hair is also from and is a group gift. I bought my own pack because I didn't know they were a gift! lol

~Other items~
Shoes: Kookie
Pants: The Closet

isla bikinis
Bikinis from Isla, the blue one is free! The other one isn't free, but it's very affordable so I think it's worth a visit. :)

~Other items~
Hair: Junwave
Shoes: Reaction, Boing Fromage
Earrings: Ticky Tacky
Glasses: Vintage Wear

samsara - plus - rose thorn
Dress from Samsara, it was on the MM board but I think it's no more. The store is having a 50% off sale on outfits though (i'll blog about it soon hehe). Stones tee from +plus, group gift in notices. Dress, accessories and shoes from The Thorn's Rose lucky chair (it can also be found at the lucky board here). Fedora Hats from The Dominion Fashion District, 0L.

~Other items~
Hair: W&Y, Lelutka, Shop Seu
Shoes: Anexx, Virus Co.
Gloves: VG, DoMoCo
Sunglasses: Steinwerk
Skirt: Plastik