Aug 12, 2009

# 195

wigwambam new dollarbie and releases
WigWamBam has a new dollarbie out, the cool sequin minidress with the girl face. The other dresses are their new releases, 3 dresses: Audrey, Brigitte and Marilyn. Only 115L each, and they come with 3 types of skirts. Thanks Joodle! :) The black hair is from Lamb, subscribo gift. The blonde hair is from Magika, 10L.

~Other items~
Shoes: Kookie, Kalnins
Earrings: ShadeThrone and Magia (group gifts)

suicidal unborn
Tee, pink tank, thong and pasties from Suicidal Unborn, free! Leather bracelet from Grasp, group gift in store.

~Other items~
Hair: Magika
Shorts: Aoharu, Maitreya
Socks: mocha
Sneakers: HOC (30L, color change!)
Black tube top: Thimbles

miamai sg - yesods
Butterfly bikini from Yesod's, 0L. The other bikinis and skirt are from Miamai, subscribo welcome gift. Pink flip flops from Grasp, group gift in store (there is also a version for men).

~Other items~
Hair: Maitreya
Sandals: Aoharu


Anonymous said...

Hi Gabi. I'm trying to find the store Mocha? where those coool socks are from. can you help with a lm? I've had no luck in search.. thank you!
My Name is Ember Adored.

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Hi Ember. Here's the slurl for mocha:
If you don't find me, IM me inworld :)

Anonymous said...

Got them!!! thanks sooo much Gabi!!

Anonymous said...

I didn´t find the skirt.. I really love it