Oct 4, 2009

# 217

je republic - miamai - cupcakes ggs
Skin from Cupcakes, group gift in notices (100L to join). Hair with hat from Je*Republic, october group gift. Bag from Miamai, subscribo gift.

~Other items~
Shoes: J's
Sweater and pants: So Many Styles (new releases!)

elate and malt gifts @ sunny
Elate and Decoy have opened their new mainstore's sim, Sunny, and there are many gifts for us. The sim is beautiful, worth a visit! Dress and ring from Elate, 0L! Top from Malt, 0L (at the coffee shop). Hair on the left and boots from Decoy, 0L for the fatpacks! That's right, the store is having a 50% off sale, and there are also many fatpacks of clothes, shoes and hair for free!

~Other items~
Hair: Decoy, Dernier Cri
Shoes: Periquita
Shorts: Maitreya

decoy sale and freebies
Clothes, boots and hair from Decoy. The only items not free are the striped shirt, scarf and blue cardigan. Everything else is free!

twosome - friday - &bean - sunny gifts
Twiggy tee, 0L, and green beads necklace, 10L, from Twosome @ Sunny. At the coffee shop you will also find the white flats from Fri.day and pumps from &bean.

~Other items~
Hair: Vintage Wear (now Epoque), Fashionably Dead
Pants: Emery, League
Cardigan and tank: Ohmai
Nails: Pixel Mode (50L sale)

sms and kamilian ggs
Skirt and leggings from So Many Styles, group gift in notices. Military jacket from KA-mi-LIAN, also group gift in notices. Hair with hat from Ay Line, hair on the right side from Find Ash, both are group gifts in store.

~Other items~
Boots: J's
Shirt: MNK (part of an outfit)
Vest: Fri.day

babydoll freebies
All clotehs from Babydoll's, 0L, except the white military jacket which is from Ohmai, not free and the red leggings from SMS group gift. Necklace from DarkMouse, subscribo gift.

~Other items~
Hair: Lamb, Fri.day
Shoes: Aoharu, Kookie, J's

inaras gg
White princess dress from Inara's Fantasy Couture, group gift in notice.

~Other items~
Hair: Chai

hoorenbeek and bp halloween gifts
Bloody outfit (blood, pants, shoes and axe) from Hoorenbeek, 0L, and witch outfit (dress, leggings and hat) from Barbie Princess, 1L. Red hair from Clawtooth, subscribo gift.

~Other items~
Blonde hair: Decoy
Boots: Pixel Mode (having an amazing 50L sale!!)
Orange tee: Duh (1L!)


kayty said...

how did you get the halloween outfit i couldnt find it

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

It's in the store... isn't it? I'll check...