Oct 19, 2009

# 229

Today I'm going to flood you with pics... Yeah, more than I usually do lol

cupcakes lc 2
Yellow formal dress, skins, top and pants, shape and eyes (on 1st and 2nd pic) and short pink dress from Cupcakes, lucky chair prizes. The red pants with top, shape and skins are in the GiftBag #16 (there are many gift bags on lucky chairs!).

~Other items~
Hair: Fri.day, Epoque (new!), Tiny Bird (50% off sale on Festivale)
Shoes: J's, Hoorenbeek
Earrings: Shade Throne
Necklace: Lelutka

cupcakes lc
Skins, eyes and shape from Cupcakes lucky chairs. The 3rd one is the Daydream makeup on the members only lucky board. Both tops are also at the lucky chairs.

urbanity and dahlinks
Dress from Urbanity, having a 99L sale on all items (including skins!). Necklace from Dahlinks, this orange color is only 50L for a limited time. Hair from Tiny Bird, all styles are 50% off at Festivale.

~Other items~
Skin: Redgrave
Shoes: Bax
Thights: Blowpop
Earrings: Shade Throne

intrigue co gifts
Tops from Intrigue Co., 1L each for the opening of the new main store. Hair from Tiny Bird, 50% off.

~Other items~
Shape: Cupcakes
Shoes and prim socks: League
Socks: Noju
Shorts: Niniko (group gift)

rezipsa loc 1
Tops from RezIpsa Loc, M&M hunt, lucky chair (it says "I'm a virgin, but this is an old shirt' lol) and Sperm Hunt gifts. Hair from Tiny Bird, 50% off. Skin from Atomic vip group, 250L to join.

~Other items~
Pants: Fishy Strawberry (on sale at Albero)
Flat shoes: Scribble
Earrings: Shade Throne

rezipsa loc - tyranny - tiny bird
Skins from Tyranny Designs, 100L each makeup, the fatpack being 1,200L. I think it's a steal, the skins are very cool! You can find them outside the store, where there is also a 50L sale on many items. Hair from Tiny Bird, 50% off sale.

~Other items~
Tops: RezIpsa

rezipsa loc 2
1L halloween tees from RezIpsa Loc. Hairs from Kin and Fligreemotion, 1L each (they come with black hair also).

~Other items~
Skin: Tyranny
Shoes: Scribble
Pants: Fishy Strawberry
Earrings: Shade Throne

scribble - tyranny
Orange dress and ballet flats from Scribble, 50L each. The store is having a 50L sale on all orange products! Purple dress and thights from Tyranny Designs, 50L (outside). Hairs from Tiny Bird.

thorn rose - anuenue
Complete halloween costume with boots, skirt, top, engine hair and earrings from The Thorn's Rose, 0L. There are some gift hunts at the store too, and lucky chair, I'll try to show you later. Scarf and gloves from Anuenue/NokMak, group gift in store. There are other colors of them on the Gatcha Festival at Albero for 30L.

~ Other items~
Hair: Epoque
Black outfit: Niniko (group gift)
Thights: Blowpop
Socks: Noju
Shoes: Scribble

Moxie Polanos lc
Sexy witch and CatWoman costumes from Moxie Polanos, lucky chair gifts. They're both complete outfits with shape, eyes, and the Catwoman also comes with skin. Ty Sexy for the tp!!

~Other items~
Hair: Tiny Bird
Boots: BAX, J's

atomic gg
Skins from Atomic, group gift in notices (250L to join). 2 makeups with freckles and no freckles versions. Very nice!

~Other items~
Hair: Tiny Bird
Top: Artilleri dress

All poses I used on this post are from [LAP], also 50% off at Festivale!! There are other stores having sales to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Festivale. :)


Anonymous said...

where are the cupcakes lucky chairs? i could not find them... and i just love those skins :)

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Hi Anon :P They removed the lucky chairs, they were causing too much lag.. :(