Oct 29, 2009

# 235

modd G - existence hunt
Halloween Hunt at Existence sim! Find the bags and you get tricks or treats (1L or 0L). These cute tank tops are from Modd.G. The pumpkin on head is the trick! :D

~Other items~
Hair: Lamb
Shoes: SoReal
Pants: The Closet
Cuffs: ShadeThrone

miseria - existence hunt
Here are some of the tricks and treats from Miseria. Also at Existence Halloween Hunt.

nestle my bosom and the naked tree - existence hunt
Mustache power tee and mustache from The Naked.Tree; white tank and green v-neck tee from Nestle my Bosom. All at Existence hunt.

boom - existence hunt
Bracelets and hoodie from Boom, Existence hunt.

~Other items~
Hair: Fri.day

envy hunt
There is also a hunt at the Gal sim, and Envy is giving away 9 colors of the Liquid set. Each one comes with babydoll and bra options and cute ruffles!

~Other items~
Hair: Raspberry Aristrocat
Shoes: Pixel Mode
Bracelet: Icon
All poses from S.LOVES by Suri Christen

marinoco and ninikoboy
Spider web gown from Marinoco, 0L; shirt from Ninikoboy, 0L.

~Other items~
Hair: Lelutka, RubiSoho
Sneakers: UBU
Pants: Niniko
Socks: Pig
Hat: Second Wave Apparel (old halloween gift)

MISCHIEF orange sale
At Mischief Fashions, everything  orange is only 50L! Sweater, polo shirt and ruffles set from Mischief, 50L each. The shoes are from In her Shoes, 0L! I'm not sure if the store is closing (what would be bad, cause there are some cute shoes) or what, but everything there is free!

~Other items~
Hair: Lamb, BooN, BooN
Pants: Boom
Salopete: Anuenue
Whtie shirt: Coco
Bracelets: ShadeThrone

MISCHIEF orange sale 2
Sweaters from Mischief Fashions, 50L each.

~Other items~
Hair: ETD, BooN
Shoes: SoReal
Pants: The Closet
White tank: Ohmai
Glasses: Tres Blah

dutch touch - Jolie cream
And last, but not least, my new buyings, the new release from Dutch Touch: Jolie!! I love this skin, the makeup colors are just awesome! I'm showing just 5 makeups, there are 16 in total, and of course I bought them all! lol Now I'm a proud owner of Jolie, River II, Cleo, pips and no pips, some in Cream, some in PaleApricot, some in Caramel... **NOT FREE**

Btw, 50L Friday is coming again! Yay! lol :D
This week: This is a Fawn, Surf Co, Niniko, Ohmai, Reek, League, Tyranny, TinyBird, Adore&Abhor, Scribble, Pididdle, Epoque and Katat0nic.