May 6, 2009

And one not so quick

Waka & Yuki is having a 50% off sale, to celebrate the renewal. The shop looks awesome, the hair are separated by style and it's a lot easier to find what you need (err want). I'm showing pictures wearing some old styles I have. I think I have almost all of them. I noticed some of them are not for sale anymore though :( At least not at the main store. And their system is different now, you'll see when wearing the demos. Anyways, it's very worth a visit. I, as a hair addicted, bought 4 styles so far... hehe

w&y hair 1

w&y hair 2

w&y hair 3
Waka & Yuki hair styles. They're 50L each, with color change script for 4 colors. The sales goes till May 12th.

cube sugar gifts
Top and short pants from SugarCube, 1L each. Very nice dress also from SugarCube, group gift.

honey honey and cest la vie
Pineapple top from HoneyHoney, group gift in store. Cardigan from C'est La Vie, also group gift in store. The inner tank is the subscribo gift from Twosome I already blogged. Socks from S@bbia, 0L.

a piece of candy may 6th gift
Dress from A Piece of Candy, subscribo gift. It comes with 3 types of skirts. Shoes from Duh, not free, but only 25L! I think it goes nicely with the dress. :P

with flo lc and s@abbia
School girl outfit from With Fllo lucky chair. (Thanks Ana!!) Outfit (skirt and tops) from S@bbia, group gift. Socks also from there, 0L.

That's all for now, girls. :P
SL is messing with me tonight and I won't be able to blog the slurls. This time, I mean THIS time, it's not because I'm lazy and a half assed blogger. Good night. xoxo.