May 2, 2009

Piddidle & Duh

pididdle hunt skins
Brutus Martinek from Pididdle is giving away some skins, clother and hair!! There are 4 boxes hidden inside the store for 0L. These are the cute Lien skins, the box comes with 4 tones, freckle and no freckle options. The hair is also a new release, called Era, and is sold without the leaves. Love it! You can click the pic to see it larger, click on all sizes and you can see the details.

pididdle hunt
There are 2 boxes with these 2 cool tee dresses at Pididdle; Croc sandals from Duh, 20L each color (silver and gold buckles).

izumyia - duh - uncle web
Waist scarf from Izumyia, group gift in notices. A blue version is available on lucky board. Croc sandals in yellow from Duh, 1L. Hair from Uncleweb Studio, 0L. Uncleweb is finally reopened!! Yay! I've been waiting for a long time, love their hairs!

duh croc sandals
Duh Croc Sandals. The red ones are in lucky chair. The yellow is 1L. Other colors (there are many!!) are only 20L. Fat pack for 100L!! Thanks, Renee!

PS: There is a party planned to help raise funds for Cancer Research, starting at 9am slt, at Hippie Daze, here. There are donation boxes spread around. Says the owner of HoWear: "We are supporting Cancer Research this weekend and we have moved our FREE outfit to a vendor booth at Hippie Daze 2009..where they are collecting money for Cancer research and having live performers and dj's all weekend who donated there time. The outfit will be out for the duration of the 2 day fund raiser... Please use one of the three donation boxes and give a little something, your contribution could be saving a life. Have a great weekend" Let's help and have fun!!


Anonymous said...

Gabi, where are the jeans and white blouse from in your post? Love them, and they do look so good with the scarf and sandals!

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

The jeans is from Zaara, the 1L secret sale item. Shirt from Cubic Effect :)