May 31, 2009

Back again hehe

anuenue gg and ivalde db
Skirt and top from Anuenue, group gift instore; dress from Ivalde, 1L.

cupcakes ggs
Dresses from Cupcakes, group gifts in notices (100L to join, usually it's 250L so hurry up before it goes back to regular price).

magi take ggs
Purple skirt and blonde hair with cap from Magi Take Shop, group gift instore (2nd floor).

cks - chuculet - rbz
1- Dress from CKS Designs, subscribo gift; hair from Truth, 1L a fat pack; shoes from Chuculet, 6L for 6 colors.
2- Hair from Waffles, 1L a fatpack; shrug from RBZ Design, 1L; glasses from Kumaki, 1L.

mimikri - moonshine - sms
1- Hair from Inorite, subscribo gift; bikini and pareo from Mimikri, group gift in notices.
2- Top and pants from Moonshine, 1L, re-opening gift.
3- Necklace from SMS, group gift in notices.

reek - project kiwi - truth - hoc
Tees from Reek, #1 is lucky board gift, #2 and 3 are subscribo gifts and #4 and 5 are 5L. The shorts are from Project Kiwi, 1L each last week, I don't know if they're still 1L.

dominion fashion district
Furniture, baby doll and shoes from Vinyl Cafe, group gift.

tuli hope skins gg
Hope skins from Tuli, group gift in notices.

cupcakes seduction skins gg
Seduction skins from Cupcakes, group gift in notices.

dutch touch skin sg
Skin from Dutch Touch, subscribo gift (not sure if it's still available).


boobii said...

Where did you get the flip flops??? Plz share im dying to have them!! XD

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

lol they are really awesome! The flip-flop& barefoot from J's!

Bobii said...

Thank you sooo much gabi!!!! Love you bunches!!! XD

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Yvw!! :))