May 10, 2009

I'm going... but I'll be back! :P

I'm going on vacation, so I'll be away from blogging and sl'ing for a while, about 15 days. Wish you all a lot of fun, miss me a little, and keep checking SLGD cause I'll be back soon! lol :)

+LR opening gift
China dress from +LR, opening gift, 0L. This store has some cute clothes and they're very afordable. The brown pants I'm wearing on the picture below is only 25L! Also I'm so in love with those new sandals from Kookie, not free but that's a money very well spent!!

w&b sg
Sgt. Pepper cropped jackets from Whippet & Buck, subscribo joining gift.

lemania and b&T
White dress from Lemania Indigo, and flower dress from B&T, both are subscribo group gifts for Mother's Day. Bangles from Ticky Tacky, 0L. Hair on the left from KS2cool (former KS Creations). The hair is only 10L, but the ash burnt is only 1L.

See you soon!! Xoxo


Emerald Wynn said...

We will miss you! Have fun!!

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Thanks Emerald! :) I had lots of fun! :))