May 3, 2009

Some cool stuff to grab

wetherbys mm
Dresses from Wetherby's Midnight Mania boards. Thanks, Alejandra!! Shoes 1 and 4 from Digit Darkes memory game. Pink boots from Aryanna's Closet, 0L.

wetherbys fb
There dresses are also from Wetherby's, 0L the first one (with matching shoes) and the others are 1L each. Pink boots again from Aryanna's Closet.

aryannas closet freebies
Boots from Aryanna's Closet, 0L.

pink and digit darkes
Chiffon blouse from Pink, subscribo gift. Teal pants with chaps from Digit Darkes lucky chair.

vinyl cafe gg
Cute corsets from Vinyl Cafe, group gifts. Includes also 2 cool sky boxes. Grab one at Vinyl Cafe and the other at The Dominion.

aurora fb and db
Shite star blouse, 10L; plaid shorts, 0L; tube tops, 1L each; all from Aurora.

foam fb
Cool new hair store (at least for me!): Foam!. The brown Lioness hair is 0L. The other one is awesome too, but not free hehe

tuli faith gg
Faith skins from Tuli, exclusive makeup for the group, in notices (250L fee, sooo worthy!).