May 1, 2009

Some mixed stuff

SMS - stc - noak ggs
High waist puffy shorts ant tank top from So Many Styles group gift (in notices); Just bows shoes from Sweeter Than Candy, subscribo gift; pink tank from Anuenue+Noar, group gift in store; animated fan from Digital Eyes, only for May 1st on lucky chair! Blue bangles from Aurora Borealis, subscribo gift.

twosome gg - tuli and zaara secret sale
Jeans from Zaara, secret sale; cupcake tank from Twosome, subscribo gift; knit bolero from Tuli, secret sale. There are skins on Tuli at Tropical Escape also in the secret sale but I'm not showing them cause I'm already spoiling the sale too much! lol Go to Tropical Scape and check other stores too, like LAP, TeaLane, EarthStones, Body Double, etc...

zaara and top2oe
Jeans and top from Zaara secret sale at Tropical Escape; beautiful leopard dress from Top2Toe, 1L. I saw Karla Scorbal's post about this store and had to check it out!

top2toe and chikka
Brown outfit with shoes and accessories from Top2Toe; Jador swimsuit from Chikka Design, subscribo gift.