Apr 29, 2009

Mashooka Isle Opening Hunt

Find 19 tiny gift boxes spread around the sim. All the boxes I found were outside, I didn't find them all though. The gifts are from Mashooka Designs, S.LOVES and Sway's Creations.

mashooka hunt 4
Dresses from Mashooka Designs. Yesterday (April 29th) was the 2nd Aniversary of Mashooka! And we are the ones who get the gifts.

mashooka hunt 3
Indian outfits from Mashooka.

mashooka hunt 1
Dresses and green Indian summer tunic (short sleeves) and churyia traditional green (Indian bracelet?) from Mashooka. Leg up pose and pole from S.LOVES.

mashooka hunt 6
Indian summer tunic (long sleeve), blouse and pants from MD. Shoulder bear with ball from Sways Creations, gift on the hunt. The eyes worn throughout this post were a gift from Tuli update group (find in notices).

mashooka hunt 2
Lace dress from Mashooka Isle hunt. White prim feet shoes from Sole Sisters, 1L.

mashooka hunt 5
Me drawing a butterfly in front of Sways Creations, at Mashooka Isle. I love this animation. Isn't it cute?! :)

Enjoy the hunt exploring the new sim. It's worthy!