Jul 1, 2009

# 150

intrigue co lc and mm
Hoodies and tees from Intrigue Co., lucky chair prizes. The black hoodie on the right is from the MM board. The hoodies come with hoodie down and up. Thanks, Katharine! Hair and hair pins from anuenue, new release and this one is a group gift (in store with activated tag).

cupcakes summer sale 2
Dress, skirt with leggings, white top, flower skirt, purple tube top and shorts from Cupcakes, 1L each. The summer sale is still on and the summer items are 50-75% off. And there are also many dollarbies you must hunt among the regular priced clothes. Yay!

cupcakes summer sale
Top, skirt and dresses from Cupcakes, 1L each.

cupcakes summer sale 1
Tops and dresses from Cupcakes, 1L.

cupcakes summer sale 3
Dresses, swimsuit and hats from Cupcakes, 1L as well (the hats come with the outfits shown).

Other items (not free):

Pic 1- Pants from Bijou (part of an outfit).
Pic 2- Hair: anuenue, wot? and Foam; denim capris: Oyakin; shoes: G*Field, SoReal, Kookie and ZeroNumber; necklaces: Ki*2, UmeMode, Icon; bangles: TickyTacky and Icon.
Pic 3- Hair: @Waffles, Foam, Karma, Foam; Shoes: Kalnins 'Coquete'; Necklaces: UmeMode and Icon; bangles: Chuculet and Icon; earrings: Icon.
Pic 4- Hair: anuenue and Foam; shoes: R2, StilletoMoodys, Kalnins and Biddle Boots; pants: Coco and Apple May Designs; necklace: (luc); earrings and bangles: Chuculet.
Pic 5- Hair: Lelutka; shoes: J's, Your skin&Your shape and Shoe Fly Shoes; necklace: Chuculet; beach bag: Ibizarre (old gift); clutch: Baby Monkeys.


katharine said...

those hoodies look fabulous on you, darling! thank you for blogging intrigue co.'s goodies for me. :)

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Ty Katharine!! I'm very glad you liked it!