Jul 25, 2009

# 181

moulliez gifts
Gifts from Moulliez: Cherry babydoll dress was a DNS gift; white brocade dress, 0L and white capris and top, 0L also. Hat from Gumi's Bad Box, group gift in notices. Flip flips from [0N], free at Drowsy summer festival.

~Other items~ (not free)
Hair: 69, Truth
Shoes: J's
Bags: Puddles, B@R (watermelon hunt gift)

toastface - tyranny desigs
Top and panties from Toastface and shoes from Tyranny Designs, both are gifts from I heart the Starlust group (Tyranny also sent it to their subscribo group). Star lollypop from Needful Things, subscribo welcome gift. Earrings from ShadeThrone, group gift.

~Other items~ (not free)
Hair: 69

gumis bad box gg
Dresses from Gumi's Bad Box, the pink one is a group gift in store and the black one is 1L. The shoes are also group gift.

~Other items~ (not free)
Hair: Shag (new release)
Choker: Sey (old group gift)

bailers dns
Dress from Bailers, DNS gift.

~Other items~ (not free)
Hair: Oh Hair
Shoes: Stilleto Moody
Earrings: Magia

kik - T junction
Hairs from Kik, 1L each. Blue bikini from T Junction, 0L.

~Other items~ (not free)
Jacket: EnSvale