Jul 15, 2009

# 169

parallel love gg
Skirt from Parallel Love, group gift in store. There you also find this cute black dress for 0L.

~Other items (not free)~
Skin: Redgrave
Hair: HTD, Foam
Top: Lelutka
Shoes: Aoharu, Courtisane
Bags: Devol, Creamshop
Necklace and bracelet: Icon

parallel love lb
Red marine dress from Parallel Love again, this is a lucky board prize. There's also a blue version on the board.

~Other items (not free)~
Skin: Redgrave
Hair: Foam, ETD, Aden
Shoes: Fuel, Sakka Studio (free), Reaction
Leggings: M * A * ii * K * I
Necklace: Salsa (free at Red Queen sim somewhere)
Bracelet: Fluffy

honey soul lb
Dresses from Honey*Soul. The dotted purple one is free and the red border one is a lucky board prize. Hair from W&Y, free at a new store location here.

~Other items (not free)~
Skin: Redgrave
Shoes: PM, SoReal
Socks: Devilish Cupacakes
Earrings: Ticky Tacky (1L), Marquis
Bracelet: Fluffy

cest la vie - a piece of candy - donna flora
Top from C'est La Vie lucky board; teal outfit from A Piece of Candy subscribo gift; top from Donna Flora, 1L. Socks from Fluffy, 1L.

~Other items (not free)~
Skin: Redgrave
Hair: Fishy Strawberry, Gritty Kitty, C&H
Shoes: Miel, Hoorenbeek, Pixel Mode
Bracelets: Icon, Asari's Club
Earrings: Chloe

wonderland hunt
Purple top from Elate, yellow and brown tops from Bai Bye, Wonderland hunt gifts. Socks from Fluffy, 1L.

~Other items (not free)~
Skin: Redgrave
Hair: Gritty Kitty, Shop Seu
Shoes: Hoorenbeek
Gaucho pants: BP
Belt: Aoharu
Accessories: Asari's Club (except for the bangles in the middle pic, that are from Fluffy and earrings from CreamShop)

wonderland hunt 2
Outfit from Thimbles, necklace from Salsa, shirt from Pig, robot from Reek and hat from Split Tea, all at Wonderland hunt.

~Other items (not free)~
Skin: Redgrave
Hair: C&H, Karma, Tekuteku
Shoes: J's, Miel
Pants: League
Bangles: Ticky Tacky (free)