Jul 20, 2009

# 175

So today I'm going to spam you a bit (a lot!!) with pics of the Bunny Hop - Slice of summer hunt. And I'll take pics of the other gifts another time, to some other post. Here's what I took so far. Enjoy the hunt, there are many cute prizes.

bunny hop summer slice hunt 1
#1: Concrete Flowers (back basket, on starting point)
#3: The Plastik (2 dresses, 2 tops shown on the small pics, watermellon eyes)
#13: Little Girl (the cute doll sitting on your shoulder, I modified mine to take the pic)
#84: Risusipo (hat and some cute dolls)

~Other items~
Skin: Redgrave
Hair: Dernier Cri
Shoes: Chuculet, UBU

bunny hop summer slice hunt 2
#4: Kittenish (bicycle)
#10: Encemble (dress with neck bow, that I forgot to place the number on the pic heheh)
#11: AvantMelon (pants, top)
#33: Rasetsukoku (top for male and female)

~Other items~
Skin: Redgrave
Hair: DP YumYum
Shoes: Chuculet, UBU

bunny hop summer slice hunt 3
#17: Brillante (heart earrings)
#25: Anuenue (cute top)
#58: Izumiya (2 tees and 2 bags)
#78: Project Kiwi (top, socks and sweat pants, comes also with a top for the guys)
#108: Vixen Hair (hair fat pack)

~Other items~
Skin: Redgrave
Hair: Kurotsubaki
Jeans: Oyakin, The Closet
Bracelet: Mocorin

bunny hop summer slice hunt 4
#5: Umi Usagi (leaves with poses)
#37: Zenith (dress and shoes)
#44: Piddidle (jumper and tank)
#61: U&R Dogs (necklace, earrings and bracelets)
#88: Studio M'z (boots)
#106: Lacie Cakes (earrings and necklace)

~Other items~
Hair: Mirone, Mirai

bunny hop summer slice hunt 5
#36: Twisted and Spoiled (dress, necklace, earrings and anklet)
#98: Draconic Kiss (dress)
#102: Towa (bikinis, 2 short pants and watermelon)

~Other items~
Hair: Refuge, TekuTeku, Katat0nic
Shoes: ZeroNumber (free at Drowsy), Periquita, Dilly Dolls
Bangles: Ticky Tacky
Leggings: Fishy Strawberry (free at Macos Mall)

bunny hop summer slice hunt 6
#71: Candy Nail (necklace)
#75: SD Wears (bikini)
#82: Sentou Yousei (pants, bikini, top, shoes and hat)
#93: Sassy Kitty (dress, scarf, hair pin, shoes and watering can)
#115: Vextra Messing (retro swim suit)

~Other items~
Hair: Boon, Maitreya
Bangles: YS&YS (free)
Blue bracelet and earrings: ShadeThrone
Sunglasses: Vintage Wear (now Epoque)
Leggings: Boing Fromage

bunny hop summer slice hunt 7
#30: Acid&Mala (pants, top, chocker, belt, bangles, hair band and mouth watermelon)
#77: Cuppy Cake (pants, top, jacket, sneakers, hair)
#81: C'est La Vie (dress)

~Other items~
Hair: TekuTeku, Maitreya
Shoes: UBU, Miel

bunny hop summer slice hunt 8
#7: Concrete Flowers (nice balloon basket that you can fly with)
#18: W&Y (hair and hair sticks)
#19: Tyranny Designs (necklace, bra, jacket, skirt, flat shoes with paper (lol), skins that I forgot to take pics :O)

~Other items~
Hair: Boon
Glasses: Vintage Wear


Anonymous said...

So many amazing things! Thanks soooo much for this great post Gabi!!! I was debating on doing the hint, but you've sold me on it!

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Oh great! Ty! And yes, the hunt has many cute things! It's worthy :)