Jul 2, 2009

# 151

shadenfreude - sms - ggs
Purple elephant top from Schadenfreude, group gift in I heart the Starlust group (top only, in all layers!); sunglasses from So Many Styles, group gift as well.

~Not free items~
Hair: Anuenue, (fd).
Dresses: Eletro-cute, new release from Schadenfreude.
Jumpsuit: Anouk in aqua, also a new release, from Michami.
Leggings: Boing Fromage (!BF!)
Shoes: UBU, Kalnins, MIEL.
Necklace and bracelet: ICON.

ms - pixel dolls - elate
Black sheer top from Moonshine, DNS gift; Felicity in red dress from Elate!, not free but having a 50% off sale on red, white and blue items for the 4th of July @ Mischief Cove; top from Pixel Dolls, subscribo gift.

~Not free items~
Hair: Anuenue, Diversity Hair (HF) and Dernier Cri (HF).
Pants: The closet and Boom.
Shoes: Soreal, Stilleto Moody and J's.
Choker: P/a
Bracelets: Ticky Tacky.

noju - tekuteku
Dress, socks and black updo from Noju, 0L. Hair with hat and mouth basket from TekuTeku, group gift in store. Necklace from Shine, DNS gift.

ayline - pig shop
PigShop is having a sale and red, white and blue items are 25, 50 or 75L. Untill July 5th. Hair from AY.Line, group gift in store. Bracelets from Hogarth Designs, DNS gift.

~Not free items~
Pants: PigShop (pants with suspenders), Anuenue, PigShop.
Tops: PigShop, Izumyia, PigShop.
Shoes: ZeroNumber and HOC.
Head band and scarf: MIEL.
Socks: PigShop.